A Wanderer’s Bucket List

The Wanderer team put our heads together to quiz our lovely Owl Eyes readers and St Andrews travel enthusiasts on their top 10 travel destinations. From 10 minutes down the road for a different view of the Fife coastline to a 15 hour flight across the world for an adventure on rarely frequented islands, here's what they suggested…

 London, England 'Hop on the Hogwarts Express (you'll see what I mean during any semester breaks or at vacation time!), enjoy the beautiful coastal views to Edinburgh, the splendour of the English countryside and the hustle-bustle of a thrilling city at any time of the year!' Abigail, 4th year

 Fairy Pools of Skye, Scotland 'A beautiful site, must be visited whilst you're studying here!' Liz, 3rd year

 Port Cros near Toulon, France 'A beautiful national park accessed by boat, you land at the port, then walk to a beach with amazingly clear water and shoals of exotic fish where you can snorkel' Katie, 4th year

 Anstruther, Scotland 'Walk it if you're feeling active, if not pester your academic parents for a trip – lovely harbour and awesome fish and chips from Anstruther Fish Bar' Andrew, 2nd year

 Tokyo, Japan 'A futuristic city with a really interesting culture. Visit the neighboring areas and you'll find yourself transported to a world of history, traditions and even houses that you could never imagine' Bradley, 1st year

 Iceland 'I've always wanted to explore Iceland, see the Northern Lights and ride horses in the snow. Harry Potter World would come a close second choice!' Susan, 1st year

 China 'Great Wall of China, delicious food, interesting culture – what more do you need?' Louise, 4th year

 Havana, Cuba 'Thrilling city seemingly stuck in the past – great holiday break' Beth, 3rd year

 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 'I'd love to visit Rio during the next Olympic Games – sounds like such an exciting place to visit!' Sanjana, 1st year

 Malaysia 'All my academic sons are from the country or nearby and it would be fun to visit them. I've never been to the Far East and it sounds like such an amazing place to photograph – temples, markets and everything!' Jon, 4th year

Images sourced from Sergio AlvarezChris Cowman, Sean Wong and Jan Sochor. Compiled by Ruoting Tao.