Escape the Bubble: Running Routes

The start of spring is fast approaching. Creme eggs, malteaser bunnies and Easter eggs are already appearing in the shops, and our days are getting ever longer. Spring is my favourite season in St Andrews because our daylight hours seem to continue forever, last April I remember setting out on a walk at 8pm expecting it to be dusk by the time I was back; at 9, when I returned home, the sun was still up.

One of the things I enjoy most about Spring is that it’s warm and bright enough to embark upon a late afternoon run.  Now, I am not a marathon runner. I’m a leisurely jogger, stop when you want, walk when you want, the half an hour max kind of girl.  But I enjoy running because you get to be outside, and a short countryside jog in and around St Andrews in Spring is one of my favourite ways to end a day. Here are some of the best running routes St. Andrews has to offer:

Lade Braes

With a stream running alongside this woodland walk, Lade Braes is perfect for a leisurely jog. You can start by the shell garage, or if you are nearer DRA there are multiple access points on Hepburn Gardens. Follow the stream past the Botanic Gardens and go off in any direction you want, it’s hard to get lost and it all seems to link up somehow. There are plenty of benches along the way if you want a break, and the stream is the perfect place to stop and take some time to appreciate the beautiful nature surrounding you.

Fife Coastal Path

Start on East Sands and climb the hill up the cliffs.  Follow the route along as far as you want, it’s quite brambly, but that makes it a little more interesting. The views on a clear day are fabulous as you are literally running just above the sea. Make sure you turn around and look back at St Andrews, the view of our little town is spectacular.  Also, at the end of August and beginning of September there are tons of blackberries on the path, I always snack the whole way along!

Kingsbarns Beach

If you have a car and fancy getting out of St Andrews, Kingsbarns beach is a bit further a field and always deserted. A long stretch of sand freckled with shells and seaweed, it’s a quieter version of West Sands. So if you enjoy beach running, but don’t fancy bumping into people on East or West Sands, Kingsbarns beach is the place to go.


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Images courtesy of Alex Shaw Photography.