Five post-graduation holidays

Graduation dates are out, accommodation is organised and post graduation meals booked. Sorted? Not quite. The post-graduation holiday is a must. You may want to aim for something a bit less trashy, and bit more classy than an Inbetweeners-esque A-Level results break. But where? 

A Greek Island

But not one that appears on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents. With glassy, tranquil seas and 100% Inbetweener-free, Santorini, Skopelos and Skiathos seem like good options. Appease any overdraft-related guiltiness with the reassurance that although, thanks to the recession, you may not have a graduate job and therefore possibly can’t afford it, you’re doing your bit as far as the Eurozone crisis is concerned. 



Cheap flights from Edinburgh promise a speedy mini break with beaches, sangria and tapas, ‘nuff said. If you’re struggling to work around that one friend who managed to land a place on a graduate scheme, this could be the ticket. Opt for apartments like Suites Avenue, Passeig de Gracia for that last breath of independence before you move into your parents’ spare room.


Scottish Road Trip

Get in a car, and head for the lochs. If you haven’t seen the Highlands yet, graduation is as good a time as any. Alternatively, soak up the Scottish vibe with a brewery road trip.  Better start sorting out a designated driver rota now…


Cambodia & Laos

Embrace the gap yah cliché (it may be your last chance to do so) and dust off that old copy of Alex Garland’s The Beach.  Whether tigers, temples or tropical beaches are your thing, these two backpacker favourites have them aplenty. If you crammed for exams, why not try your best to cram a gap year into a week or so? 


New York City

Why? Because not only are you now old enough to drink in the USA, so many sitcoms that defined your teens and university life, plus accompanied you through the dark hours of procrastination, originated here. Head to the corner of Grove and Bedford in Greenwich Village to relive the Friends opening credits and say a final goodbye to your non-adult self.


Images coutesy of Manon De Sutter (title image), David Virtser, Moyan Brenn, Nicole Hastings, Marcos Adams Goldraich, and Javier M. Avedillo. Compiled by Lucy Thomas.