Mallorca: The Magaluf Experience

As a Geordie, I’m used to the ‘standard’ Newcastle nights out. Living so close to the third best party city in Europe (Trip Advisor’s 2010 poll), it would be sad not to make the most of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all about drinking and making an utter fool of myself; I love travelling to exotic places, pondering historical landmarks, indulging in local markets and observing street performances. However, when I planned a trip to Mallorca, I did not see it ending with a few nights in the infamous town of Magaluf.

Whilst working and living the Mallorcan lifestyle, tans already on the go, we were offered a free ride to Palma and Magaluf with some locals. After initially thinking ‘we literally cannot face it’ we decided to man-up and get on the bandwagon.

Palma is a reasonable night out, although full of German holiday makers (not so good if, like me, you don't speak a word of German). It is Magaluf on a smaller scale, complete with another long, pretty beach. My experience there wasn’t that exciting, although I did return with mango-coloured ‘Ray-Beri’s’ (an excellent drunken purchase).

‘Maga’, on the other hand – as disgusting as it is, and seriously it is – was hilarious, although not so much fun if you’re sober.

On our first visit, we experienced the delights of BCM, a huge central nightclub and definitely one of the best I’ve been to, only €20 for entry and free-bar all night. The BCM complex has a favourable amount of bars, Coyote Ugly and Baywatch to name a couple – pretty self-explanatory themes there – where I was surprised to find myself outside, surrounded by drunken peers drinking from ‘willy cups’.

On our second encounter, BCM was hosting a very expensive ‘Radio 1 DJ’s night’ so we decided to hit ‘the strip’. It sounds scary, and it is. Neon lights frame the strip with girls walking around in what most wouldn’t even call underwear, handing out a free shot (or ten) to entice you into their bar. Stepping over passed out drunks, with bright strobes and bellowing anthems beaming out of clubs, you definitely had to be well on your way to wasted to enjoy this sight, made even more cringeworthy by the recently tattooed drunks lined up on chairs outside the tattoo parlours.

You will find yourself dancing the night away to songs from summers passed, in a place you never, ever saw yourself having a good time. Swimming in fountains, eating disgusting takeaways and trekking the beach to find your car at 6am (drenched, covered in UV paint, shoeless and legless) along with every other soul, following the ‘Maga’ trend.  

I couldn’t actually name the majority of the bars we visited after having paid for yet another ‘free bar’. I do, however, remember meeting, greeting and casually stalking Basshunter in BCM with my friend, embarrassingly singing ‘Now You’re Gone’ next to him.

When hearing of friends going on all-girl package holidays to Magaluf, I used to think it was just not my kind of thing. My thoughts, however, have changed. If you’re looking for a fun-filled, party getaway with your friends, you know exactly what to expect from Magaluf.


Images courtesy of Callum McKain, Lucy Bayliss and Flickrnauta. Compiled by Lucy Thomas.