New York In Photographs

As I’m not always the best with words I found myself completely stuck for ideas about what to write about New York. It’s such a well-known place. Everyone knows what New York is like, or at least has an idea of what it’s like from the hundreds of films and tv shows set there! Plus, there will be tons of students here who know New York waaaay better than I do, or could ever, being native New Yorkers themselves. I really just didn’t think I’d be able to write anything new. Instead, here are some of the photos I took from my trip that sum up the experience I had in the wonderful city.


The doughnuts in New York are INSANE. These are from City Kitchen, in Times Square; more specifically, made by DOUGH. They were great, not the best, but really big and tasty.


Again, to food. New York really does know how to do food well. This was a very minimal ice cream shop we found on the Lower East Side, right opposite Kat’s Delicatessen (from ‘When Harry met Sally’).


I couldn’t stop staring at all the amazing fire escapes that adorn a large portion of the buildings in New York, especially in the older districts like Greenwich Village or the Lower East Side. They’re just so iconically ‘New York’ and I’m sure many tourists feel as mesmerised as I did by them.


Staying in Times Square, like the massive tourist that I was, was pretty overwhelming. It is genuinely never properly dark, with all the advertising and lights everywhere. It’s like nothing I’d ever seen before. The theaters were nice though, and it felt like there was so much going on and so much to see.


Found this really hipster kind of food court place on the corner of 8th Avenue and 44th Street. That’s where we got the massive Dough doughnuts, tried ‘shaved snow’ from Wooly’s Shaved Snow and got some really good lobster rolls.


Everything about the city is just as loud and fast and busy as you would imagine from all of the movies you’ve seen that were set there.


Central Park is such a cool place and a lovely green space at the heart of the city. There are lots of dogs and they even have their own special playground places where the can run around together. I think this bridge might have been in some films (like Maid of Honour), but I’m not sure.


New Yorkers seem to really love fancy supermarket places. We saw loads, and they always have a huge variety of fruit and veg and usually some really good cakes and pastries too, alongside tons of meats and cheeses and other supermarket things.


Washington Square park is in Greenwich Village, and really close to lots of University buildings so there’s always a lot of students there. Often there are street performers or music acts,and when we were there a man had wheeled a grand piano into the park and was playing to a large crowd.


As bright as all the big yellow taxis.


Another one of those special supermarkets with all the tomatoes you could wish for.


This was in Eataly; an Italian supermarket that imports produce from all regions of Italy. There were also 6 different restaurants inside, including a Nutella cafe! After sharing pizza and lasagne we had a Nutella doughnut and a great Italian coffee.


Again, in Eataly! Look at all those European pastries in the heart of New York.


This is the grand staircase inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Aside from being the place where Joey tried to impress Charlie on their first date, in Friends, the Met is an amazing building full of interesting art from around the world (and absolutely nothing to do with the Mets).


From the Met again. It would take a full day to really explore the place properly and it is definitely worth it for all the incredible art on offer, for only the cost of however much you want to donate as entry.


These lovely bears are from the American Museum of Natural History. I probably enjoyed this place a fraction more than the Met, because of all the animal scenes, and I do study history after all. The scenes in which the animals are set up are so detailed, with backdrops of their natural habit. The building itself is also really beautiful, and just right across the road from Central Park.


All of the images were taken on my Pentax K1000 with 35mm film.