Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball: Reviewed

May Ball may push people’s budgets and leave us searching some pockets for spare pounds, but in the end, the price matches the value. Next term, stay in for some of the many lacklustre Kinkell events and save up for May Ball 2018.

Cape Town: Summer on the Horizon

Summer is on the horizon, and for those of you struggling to decide where you want to spend your precious vacation time, Cape Town offers it all.

Kazoku: Reviewed

Before visiting, I was worried that this new restaurant would either be amazing or a complete let down: I am very happy to report that Kazoku did not disappoint.

Holiday Highlights: Sark

Living in ignorant bliss on the mainland, it was not until I was taken there on a family holiday that I became aware of Sark's existence. But it quickly became one of my favourite places.

St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament: Reviewed

The standard, VIP and VVIP sections were all given pitch-side views, which allowed for a very pleasant afternoon. I found myself engrossed in the game and at the edge of my seat.

Mirth Control: Reviewed

The coming of a New Year’s On the Rocks can bring with it a host of new events, with more theatre, art and music than you could shake a stick at –but a guaranteed staple has always been the Blind Mirth Sketch Show.