Fifty Shades Darker: Reviewed

While the Fifty Shades books may have left millions of readers breathless and wanting more, we doubt this cringeworthy sequel will.

FS: The full story

Throughout the weekend I felt a degree of unease about reviewing FS. It is one of my favourite events and despite the events of the weekend the 25th anniversary show remained head and shoulders above any other student fashion show in the country. Yet, the cracks in the concept of FS, and every high priced luxury event in St. Andrews, were brought under a glaring light this weekend.

Catwalk Reviewed: cheekbones and charity

In St Andrews, February is synonymous with ‘fashion show season’ – frankly I couldn’t have thought of a better event to start the season than by the Charities Campaign’s Catwalk charity fashion show.

Drag Walk 2017: Fishnets and Fur

The show didn’t really put a foot wrong and it was so much fun, so different and such utter genius that Saints LGBT+ should be highly commended. Even if the fact that someone had to dress as Carrie Fisher had the girl next to me whisper under her breath, ‘too soon.’