May Ball 2016: The VIP debate

You can’t go wrong with St Andrews’ staple end of year ball, as it fully embodies St Andrews’ love for a good old black tie event.

I Will Wait for You: Reviewed

Clocking in at under fifteen minutes, I Will Wait For You suffered from an unclear tone and unsatisfying story which left what tension and mystery there was frustratingly ignored.

Shakesqueer: Reviewed

Shakesqueer, directed by Joanna Bowman, brought some of Shakespeare’s most iconic scenes to the Barron Theatre with a bit of a twist.

Edmund Ironside: Reviewed

According to critics, Edmund Ironside may have written by William Shakespeare, which is enough to justify the play’s presence in Mermaids’ Shakespeare Festival.

Sonnets and Soliloquies: Reviewed

By filling the gardens with kernels of Shakespearean drama and poetry, Sonnets and Soliloquies added artistic verve and a sense of exploration to a sunny afternoon in the garden.