DONT WALK: Model Castings

To introduce you to some of the members of DW and also inspire you to be bold, here are a few words from the DW team when we sat down with them this week.

Starfields 2017: Reviewed

As for the main accessory of the event? Glitter. Whether you intentionally patted some on to your cheeks or whether it ended up there merely because of alcohol-fuelled, over-enthusiastic hello’s, everyone ended up wearing some by the end of the night.

What to Wear: Starfields 2017

If you’re struggling with outfit inspiration and you don't want to resort to chucking on your gap-year trousers (you know the ones) and a crop top last minute, look no further. Here’s a few ideas for what to wear to Starfields.

Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball: Reviewed

May Ball may push people’s budgets and leave us searching some pockets for spare pounds, but in the end, the price matches the value. Next term, stay in for some of the many lacklustre Kinkell events and save up for May Ball 2018.

Cape Town: Summer on the Horizon

Summer is on the horizon, and for those of you struggling to decide where you want to spend your precious vacation time, Cape Town offers it all.