Hometown Highlights: Bucharest

Modern, chaotic and eclectic are but a few words that describe my hometown, Bucharest. The capital of Romania, Bucharest is easily associated with the perhaps un-exciting idiom “Eastern Europe”. But in recent years, Bucharest has become more and more cosmopolitan, with a blooming nightlife and art scene that keeps its residents and visitors alike well entertained.

Exclusive Interview: Race2Prague Winners Dougal Adamson & Tom Whitehead

Spend your holidays glued to the live map detailing the adventures of the Race2Prague racers like we did? The Wanderer took some time to sit down for an exclusive interview with the winners of the Charities Campaign hitchhiking race, third year Biochemists Dougal Adamson and Tom Whitehead. Read on to find out more about how mouldy bananas, Bulgaria and 90s tunes contributed to their success…

A Break From The Books

Perhaps you aren’t feeling fully refreshed after a long break to the Maldives or Singapore or whichever exotic isle it was this year? Perhaps you spent the entire break reading a 900+ page book for your third year Spanish course and are missing that year abroad freedom? Perhaps you simply just can’t face the prospect of another semester trapped in the Bubble and need a last glimpse of the world before deadlines set in and classes really start? Well why not treat yourself to a little ‘Bubble Book Break’ with our top local destinations..