A Cappella Christmas Concert: Reviewed

At the earlier time of 3:30pm (whether this is to avoid collision with Christmas Ball pres is up for debate), the Acapella Society committee scheduled a holiday bonanza this year. All six St Andrews groups performed alongside worldwide hit, Trinity College Dublin’s The Trinitones, following their successful US-tour and having gained 23 million views on their viral video of a George Ezra medley. This event, supporting Music in Hospitals & Care Scotland (MiHC), helped not only to boost the town’s morale in the longer, darker nights, but also to raise much-needed funds for a charity whose “live musical sessions are designed to humanise clinical settings, to reach and connect people, to encourage communication and meaningful interactions and to elicit emotions and memories when it matters most.”

A Charity Christmas Concert: Previewed

Revision week can be a dark and gloomy time. Christmas can seem both imminent and unattainable. Fear not, however, as Owl Eyes would like to recommend something that is certain to reassert your festive spirit: A Charity Christmas Concert, a new event organised by St Salvator’s Chapel Choir, taking place at 7pm on Thursday, 6th December, in St Salvator’s Chapel.

Up Next: Christmas A Cappella Concert

This Sunday, the 2ndof December, the University of St Andrews’ A Cappella Society returns to Younger Hall for another evening of Christmas delight. The festive concert, which has been a sell-out in previous years, will be taking place at the earlier time of 3.30 pm, contrary to the previously advertised time of 7.30 pm. The society is excited for their first ever afternoon concert, as the earlier time will make the concert more accessible to both locals and students from the Fife area, helping to spread Christmas cheer!

Starfields 2017: Reviewed

The St Andrews Fashion Show’s annual Starfields concert is rarely unsuccessful and despite the usual groans of weather and pricing, this year’s event can be added to a long list of FS’s successes. As usual, if alcohol and a group of young adults are congregated in a festival-style event, people will always have a good time–even if it’s in a tiny town in Scotland in the middle of September.

What to Wear: Blackout

GIG is bringing you, yet again, their highly anticipated Blackout event hosted at the Golf Hotel and Fat Sam’s. If you’re tired of the little black dress let us help you out with these stylish alternatives.

Studio 54: What to Wear

From the moment Bianca Jagger rode in on a white horse, notorious nightclub Studio 54 cemented its reputation of ‘70s decadence and debauchery. Whether the Oak Rooms and the Lizard will be able to reconstruct this specific kind of ambience remains to be seen, but find some groovy rags and turn on tune in and drop out to some psychedelic beats. Platforms encouraged for both sexes.
Studio 54 - The Gold Standard

GIG: Blackout 2012. The Review

This highly anticipated event put on by the Global Investment Group gives St Andrews students a chance to get out of town and go to a real club . . . in Dundee.  It started with a sophisticated champagne reception in the Scores Hotel where, at about 9pm, floods of girls in sultry business chic and men in suits made their way in.  Everyone seemed to have found the Wall Street undone suitable as they creatively put their own spins on it – mostly with leather, jewels, and leopard.  The crowds mainly hung by the bars shaking their glasses and waiting not so patiently for more champagne.  Once the bottles had been emptied people made their way to the buses, limos, and to the main, cash only, bar.