An evening with Flora Shedden at Topping & Company

Cooking with friends and gathering to enjoy a meal is what lies at the heart of good food. It is a coming together of good friends, old friends and new friends. This is what Flora Shedden wishes to highlight with her very first cookbook, Gathering, published this month.

French Onion Soup Recipe

Autumn is all about change. It is the change in the weather from warm summer days, to fall – which can be warm, windy, rainy and misty, and then sunny again. We see that our emotions change. We may begin to romanticize about autumn- the melancholic beauty of seeing the leaves fall. But then we quickly become melancholic ourselves. If this happens there is only one cure, a good bowl of warm soup. This never changes. Soup is always delicious.

Cooking Pro: Mother Sauces

Especially when learning to cook, it is very easy to be tempted to simply go day after day just finding a new recipe, going to the store, buying the ingredients and then blindly and diligently following the instructions. But what about the day when you are missing just a pinch of that one spice? What about the day when you have to work with the ingredients you have in your fridge and have no ideas how to combine them?

Pillows of sugar: the art of making marshmallows

Last week I bought a sugar thermometer. I have reached that point in the three-month hiatus from university where the productivity of unemployment far outstrips that of the workplace. With my internship and waitressing job all done, the witchy hours of afternoon stretch before me. In the rainy haze of a British summer, cooking is the perfect way to pass the time.