Escape the Bubble: Pitlochry at Large

Pitlochry is a small and bustling town nestled in Highland Perthshire. It’s characterful and colourful, and the two hour drive is well worth it for a change of scene. What makes Pitlochry such a great destination, is that the surrounding area provides something to suit everyone’s interests.

Top 5 Unusual Spring Break Destinations

In winter, you plot and plan, but in spring, it is time to move. Take advantage of Spring Break and travel somewhere new. Go wherever you can go, and as far as you can. Forget the typical spring break destinations frequented by St Andrews students and surprise yourself and everyone you know by seeking out new horizons.

Escape the Bubble: Running Routes

The start of spring is fast approaching. Creme eggs, malteaser bunnies and Easter eggs are already appearing in the shops, and our days are getting ever longer. Spring is my favourite season in St Andrews because our daylight hours seem to continue forever, last April I remember setting out on a walk at 8pm expecting it to be dusk by the time I was back; at 9, when I returned home, the sun was still up.

Escape the Bubble: The World’s a Stage

One of the things I love about St. Andrews, is that you end up finding your favourite Fife locations through the unlikeliest of ways. For me, my love of theatre, has opened up the areas surrounding the town in a new way.

Escape the Bubble: Pitlochry in Focus

If you have a day to spare, exchange Fife for Perthshire and let the beauty of the Southern Highlands soothe your mid-semester blues. In just an hour and a half, you will be surrounded by Pitlochry’s beautiful canvas of graceful trees and sparkling water.

Escape the Bubble: Loch Leven

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a fourth year in St Andrews, in possession of a car, must be in want of an adventure. Sadly, the minimal class hours of an arts student does not correlate to the vast expanse of free time one might hope for.

Escape the Bubble: Pittenweem in Focus

Already feeling the need to burst the bubble? Owl Eyes has the perfect day trip for you for you. Take a short bus ride to Pittenweem and let the sea breezes blow your troubles away! Pittenweem is one of Fife’s beautiful coastal towns and is one of the most active fishing villages in the area. The village is about a 40 minute bus drive from St. Andrews (you’ll want to get on the X60 or 95 buses) and a 20 minute drive by car.

Escape the Bubble: Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Having queued at midnight for the books, lined Leicester Square for the premieres, and dressed as Harry for a marathon of the films with my equally enthusiastic girlfriends, I can confidently say I am a humungous fan of the magical world of Harry Potter. This weekend (not for the first time I should add!) I visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, which houses many of the sets, props and costumes used in all eight films. Currently exhibiting Hogwarts in the Snow, the Tour offers a chance to see the magical world in the depths of winter, and is not to be missed this season. Christmas might be over, and the last of the mince pies finally finished, however it is worth reigniting your festive spirit for such a magical experience, which is unique in every way.

Escape the Bubble: Welcome to the Night Vale Live reviewed

In the conventionally gothic venue of the Queens Hall in Edinburgh was set the second show of ‘Welcome to Night Vale’s UK and Ireland tour titled The Investigators. The venue was the perfect setting for the dystopian podcast with the ideal mix of Victorian architecture and space for those to attend. Walking in you were instantly engulfed by a mixture of fans and fans. People wandered around sporting the traditional Night Vale colours of varying shades of purple and violet, whilst others wore their portrayals of the characters. Some even had the third eye sketched upon their foreheads (associated with the almost magical ability to perceive more then what is normally seen within the limitations of normal sight, and also correspondent with many fans interpretations of the iconic radio host).