Escape the Bubble: Running Routes

The start of spring is fast approaching. Creme eggs, malteaser bunnies and Easter eggs are already appearing in the shops, and our days are getting ever longer. Spring is my favourite season in St Andrews because our daylight hours seem to continue forever, last April I remember setting out on a walk at 8pm expecting it to be dusk by the time I was back; at 9, when I returned home, the sun was still up.

Fife Food Festival

Fife Food Festival is always a blast for the St Andrew’s foodie – and this year was no different! Each year, the festival is arranged as a part of the Raising and Giving Campaign (RAG Week). The three-pound entrance fee went to support the charity Mary’s Meals – a charity that provides meals for the world’s poorest school children.

Escape the Bubble: Adventure Guide

October is looming and deadlines are slowly starting to appear on the horizon. The bubble seems to be getting smaller as workloads increase and we settle back into a routine that incorporates the Library, Pret, cake from Cottage Kitchen and many meetings in the Union. Time to escape?  I think so.

Escape the Bubble: Pittenweem in Focus

Already feeling the need to burst the bubble? Owl Eyes has the perfect day trip for you for you. Take a short bus ride to Pittenweem and let the sea breezes blow your troubles away! Pittenweem is one of Fife’s beautiful coastal towns and is one of the most active fishing villages in the area. The village is about a 40 minute bus drive from St. Andrews (you’ll want to get on the X60 or 95 buses) and a 20 minute drive by car.

Escape the Bubble: Fife’s Coastal Towns

November has arrived, bringing with it autumn. As the long evenings set, students begin curling up with a hot chocolate and a book, rather than venturing into a cold autumnal day wrapped in multiple layers of scarves. However, autumn in Fife is beautiful, and with so much to see and do, not only in St Andrews, it is not to be missed. So often, with deadlines looming and seemingly endless assignments, we get caught in a bubble of stress and forget anything exists outside of St Andrews. And yet, prepare yourself, it does! Hopping on the number 95 bus, as I did last weekend, to explore the coastal towns south of St Andrews, is a great way to de-stress and enjoy a day away from the bubble. The bus runs between St Andrews and Leven, and at just over eight pounds for a day ticket, it proves to be an in-expensive and thoroughly enjoyable day out.

Embracing Autumn

A ball, a party, a halloween pub crawl–these are all fantastic things to enjoy. But what of the other things of autumn? What about autumn here, in Fife?

The Blender Reviewed

The Blender was a step away from any other Refreshers or RAG Week event. The elegance of the newly-reonvated Byre theatre set the ambience for an event of truly polished young musical talent, put together by Jazz Scotland and Fife Jazz week. Artists from all over Scotland – including St Andrews – gathered for a musical collaboration like no other. It was wonderful to have such incredible music brought here, rather than traveling to a city centre.

A Wanderer’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

When my editor asked me to write an article for Valentine’s Day my first two thoughts were: how do I make this non cringe-inducing and after a lot of thought, that in the end it inevitably would be. I was also reminded of the first article I wrote for Owl Eyes about a love letter a friend and I found in Mitchell’s Deli on Market Street. The letter was short and beautifully simple – “If you are reading this then you are directly linked to the moment I decided A was incredible, amazing and worth keeping. I’ll let you know how it goes, x T”. With this in mind I decided to write an article about spending Valentine’s Day in and around our little old town – no need to jet off to Paris here!

Snowdrops by Starlight

Just a fifteen-minute drive from St Andrews is Cambo Estate, famous for its snowdrops that carpet the acres of woodland every spring. For this week only, the gardens are open in the evenings to visitors who want to see them lit up under the moonlight. As someone who knows very little about snowdrops, or gardens for that matter, even I am tempted to drop by and wander through the fairy lit paths. The walk takes about an hour and you can even get a cup of tea in the Snowdrop Tea Room at the end of the evening. What could be a nicer way to spend a weekday night?