House of Horror Launch Event Reviewed

Having sold out online in just a few days, all you could hear up and down our three streets was people either excited about the House of Horror launch party, or annoyed they hadn’t clicked that Fixr link and snapped one up. Everyone arrived with high hopes, anticipation and curiosity about what the spooky evening would entail. The event was the launch of the annual House of Horror Halloween event, which will be held in Kinkell Byre on October 31st in support of the Charity Impact Arts. After Tuesday night’s fun, the main event should not be one to miss.

A little Halloween-y inspiration

The spookiest night of the year is upon us! However, if you are anything like me you are staring at your wardrobe in dismay, racking you brain as to what to be for Halloween this year. Well whether you’re looking for witty, sexy or scary, here are a few of our favourite costume ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

House of Horrors is Back from the Grave

On a chilly October night, a week before Halloween, Kinkell Byre was completely transformed into something out of our Halloween dreams and nightmares. After the short bus ride out to Kinkell Byre, guests were taken into another world filled with cobwebs, gore, and general spookiness. Upon entering House of Horror: Back from the Grave, guests were greeted with blood shots (particularly potent vodka cranberries) and fake severed hands hanging from an awning, which is overall a perfect welcome to a Halloween party.

House of Horrors: Back from the Grave

It is finally that time of year! Autumn has well and truly settled in and heavier coats and scarves have been making their appearance all throughout town. And autumn means that it is (at last) time for Halloween!

The Return of House of Horrors

Everyone loves Halloween. It is a holiday where we can dress up and feel like kids again (and get drunk while doing it). On one of the first truly cold nights of the year, The Rule was transformed into something out of our Halloween dreams – especially given the utter lack of events on the holiday last year. Relaunched and revamped after its last event in 2014, House of Horrors is back in St Andrews to make Halloween spooktacular.

A Halloween Night In

Preparing for Halloween and want to be in a spooky mood? Not really up for having a night out and just want to stay in on Halloween? Trying to justify the amount of procrastination you’re doing by watching Netflix? Grab your laptop and a bag of popcorn and turn down the lights to celebrate this creepy holiday!

One Horror-Packed Halloween

Although St Andrews is referred to as The Bubble, there are more events going on in the small town that one may realize. With Halloween right around the corner, local shops and University societies are eager to get students in a spooky and festive mood. From themed food to night life, there is plenty to keep any Halloween lover occupied. Make sure to clear your calendar because Halloween 2015 is horror-packed:

Embracing Autumn

A ball, a party, a halloween pub crawl–these are all fantastic things to enjoy. But what of the other things of autumn? What about autumn here, in Fife?

My First Time: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Reviewed

Three days before Halloween round about 9 o’clock you may or may not have seen a scary sight in the form of large groups of corseted, high heeled, stocking-laden students making their way to Venue 1. These people were going to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a weird and wonderful musical/ movie mash-up of rock and roll. The original 1975 comedy horror film was set to the roaring cast of the Just So Society and a host of scantily dressed, heavily made-up audience members.

Zombie Apocalypse Preview

Some of you may or may not remember On The Rocks’ newest addition to its amazing program last year: The Zombie Apocalypse. Thrill-seekers, horror film buffs, and anybody preparing for the eventuality of an uprising of the undead, read on… this event promises a terrifyingly good time, a whole night of heart-stopping fun. Victims students were taken off to a secret location and thrust into a terrifying story line.