Chocolate Brownies

Fact: there are few problems in life which cannot be fixed by a gooey chocolate brownie. The multifaceted dessert provides not only the perfect resolution to frost bitten winter months, but also act as delicious alternative to birthday cake.

Chocolate Clementine Yule Log

The Chocolate Yule Log and I go way back, although I can’t pretend our relationship had the most sophisticated of beginnings. Every December at primary school, our teacher indulged in teaching the class to cook. Or perhaps not cook; rather, construct. Each of us brought in a ready-made chocolate Swiss roll (usually that dodgy supermarket value one with an unidentifiable shaving-foam-like filling), a good deal of milk chocolate, and Christmas cake decorations.

Wine tasting in Mendoza

On arriving in Mendoza, Argentina, we had only one thing in mind: wine.  Although horse-riding across the rocky, barren land is popular, along with rafting, skydiving, having asados with gauchos and generally consuming as much beef in as many forms as possible, the region is famed for wine. As it transpired, getting to the wine wasn’t quite so straight forward as we’d been led to believe by the guide books…

Chocolate Activism

A cocoa pod can save the planet.  White chocolate is not, in fact, chocolate.  Chocolate wasn’t produced in solid bar form until the 1890s.  Poor quality chocolate tastes aggressive.  

The Delights of Chocolate Chicken

I have always been a chocoholic and, as a keen chef, am constantly baking with copious amounts of it. However, there are only so many chocolate cakes, cookies and melt-in-the-middle puddings you can make without feeling ever so slightly guilty. So, I thought I would try something a little different. Last Christmas, my brother gave me a chocolate recipe book entitled 101 Best Loved Cfrom Hotel Chocolat, containing divine recipes for all sorts of teatime treats and puddings.

On the cobbled streets of Bruges

Nigel Farage once said that Belgium is a bit of a non-country.  Inspired to seek the truth about this little known landmass, I decided on a post-Christmas getaway to the land of waffles, beer, chocolate and a lack of perceivable government.

Madrid by Night

You will not understand the pleasures of life until you live through the carnival pleasures of night time Madrid. There is much to love about a night spent on its wild, whirling streets.