A Conversation with Oh Comely

I caught up with Liz Ann Bennett, from the amazing print magazine Oh Comely, a “lifestyle magazine with life”. They write about a vast array of different things, with each issue having a central theme. They also feature a ton of photography and illustration in each issue, making Oh Comely Magazine a truly collectible piece of print.

What To Wear: House of Horror

With a new and exciting event in the St Andrews’ calendar, Halloween is set to be bigger in this town than ever before. Take some inspiration from the collections below and look horrifyingly brilliant at the House of Horrors Gala.

Interning: Getting your Fashionable Foot in the Door

This summer I interned at Kurt Geiger. During the five weeks I was there I helped design promotional materials for VIP parties, researched sales schemes, and liaised with in-store design teams. I also delivered keys to stores, ‘researched’, fetched coffees, traversed display room windows, ‘researched’ some more and yup, you guessed it… fetched yet more coffees.

What to Wear: Bongo Ball

Get ready for one of the wildest events in the St Andrew's calendar: Bongo Ball. If you're still struggling to decide what to wear, check out some of our tips below and see if you can release your inner animal this weekend.

Sartoriowl On Tour: Edinburgh Edition

Has a month in the Bubble left you with chronic wardrobe cabin-fever? Craving a shopping spree that lasts longer than a ten minute rummage in H&M? This week I head to Scotland's stunning capital, Edinburgh, to show that Scottish style is so much more than tartan kilts and Tam o’ Shanters.

What to Wear: Blackout

GIG is bringing you, yet again, their highly anticipated Blackout event hosted at the Golf Hotel and Fat Sam’s. If you’re tired of the little black dress let us help you out with these stylish alternatives.