Opening Ball 2017: Reviewed

Opening Ball is the first ball of the year and promises to bring together champagne and extravagance in marquees on Lower College Lawn. There was a great feeling of excitement walking through St Salvator’s quad, as enthusiastic freshers eagerly filled the marquees hoping for their first experience of luxury at a St Andrews ball; it was truly a moment to remember how beautiful our town is.

Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball: Reviewed

If there is one thing that St Andrews is known for across the nation, it is that we, the students, love lavish events and attend them regularly. We convey this illusory image that the price does not matter – we are willing to pay for it – but I know that that is not the truth for a majority of students. In fact, we want to guarantee that our money is going towards something great and, when the Kate Kennedy committee proposes an event that starts at £45, we want the reassurance that skimping on cheaper meals for the next few weeks will be worth it. It is safe to say, however, that the KK knows what they are doing. On the eve of May Dip this year, the Kinkell Byre hosted – handily – one of the most entertaining nights of the year.

May Ball 2016: The VIP debate

After being around for 90 years, the Kate Kennedy Club is expected to know how to throw a solid event, and they did not disappoint.  May Ball has always been an institutional ball that freshers and graduating students always enjoy.  From the classic fair rides to great music, May Ball delivered their standard ball on a silver platter.  Unlike years previous, people did not have to queue from the wee hours in the morning to grab a coveted ticket, making the whole process all the more enjoyable.  As per usual, there were three types of tickets, but the main question is: is it worth that extra few pounds to get some of the perks?

Opening Ball: Reviewed

It’s safe to say that this year’s Opening Ball was a resounding success. As a second year student I returned with a certain degree of apprehension; unsure if the event would live up to my expectations having had such a fantastic time last year. Thankfully, I am glad to say that I was not disappointed!

What to Wear: Opening Ball

Opening Ball is a rite of passage at the beginning of each academic year. Whether you are dipping your toe into the St. Andrews Ball scene for the first time, or just reacquainting yourself with it. Much debate raged amongst my friends over the short to long dress debate for Opening Ball. Personally, I was in favour of the short dress, though the pressure is on at this event to impress in a way that only a long dress can. It’s a tricky dilemma; here is a run down of the three options to let you make up your own mind.
The Mini

May Ball 2015: Preview

With coursework deadlines reached and classes coming to a close, the arduous prospect of exams is on the minds of all in the St Andrews community. However, spring has sprung and it is time for one last night of fun and extravagance before the trials and tribulations of the exam season descend. The Kate Kennedy Club, this year presents their renowned May Ball at Kinkell Byre on May 2nd following on from May Dip.

Opening Ball Preview

Students come to St Andrews for one of the most unique university experiences the world has to offer; full of black tie events and fancy wine and cheese, a St Andrews calendar is quite unlike any other. The Kate Kennedy Club Opening Ball is the first formal ball of the year, and students jump at the opportunity to dig out old prom dresses and don their nicest suits. The ticket commotion from Freshers’ Week has resurfaced and the event is fully sold out!

Opening Ball Review

Like many first years, I jumped at the chance to attend the first major black tie event of the year – the Kate Kennedy opening ball. Finally, I had an excuse to dress up as if it wasn’t October in Scotland and to ignore the impracticality of tackling the cobbles of St Salvator’s quad in heels.

The Opening Ball in Review

The Kate Kennedy Club Charity Opening Ball has been described by some revellers as “Like a night at the Union, but more dressy.” However, this does the event a disservice. Amongst myself and fellow Freshers, a certain hype existed around the first proper black-tie event of the semester, which helped elevate occasion into something a bit more memorable than a Saturday at Sin City.  

The Ballgoer’s Guide to Style

My first Opening Ball was memorable for a myriad of reasons. For a start, my flat-mate went from drunk to sobbing in zero to sixty and it was the first time I learned what the power of a few Apple Sourz shots too many can really do (I suppose I was a bit Disney-naïve before I hit Fife). It was a rude awakening as to what was to come in the next four years, but was an even ruder style awakening: I spied tartan trousers and Chanel handbags side-by-side and I swiftly clocked that this was going to be a whole new sartorial world (see what I told you about the Disney thing?).