DONT WALK Official Launch Event: Reviewed

The DONT WALK 2018 launch was a spectacular night. This year, the committee chose the Old Course for the event. Guests of the models and committee were invited along for dinner and a couple hundred more were invited to the afterparty in the ballroom. The whole night was very extravagant – ensembles of silk and leather fluttered in the light on the dance floor, and an abundance of wine and Janetta’s ice cream bars put a smile on each face. The dinner guests arrived and mingled at the bar before dinner was served.

House of Horror Launch Event Reviewed

Having sold out online in just a few days, all you could hear up and down our three streets was people either excited about the House of Horror launch party, or annoyed they hadn’t clicked that Fixr link and snapped one up. Everyone arrived with high hopes, anticipation and curiosity about what the spooky evening would entail. The event was the launch of the annual House of Horror Halloween event, which will be held in Kinkell Byre on October 31st in support of the Charity Impact Arts. After Tuesday night’s fun, the main event should not be one to miss.

Under Canvas Launch Reviewed

If any of you were wondering what that strange sound was last night coming from the direction of 1 Golf Place, it was the sound of Under Canvas 2015 officially kicking off. For £3, we got a small but very sweet taste of what to expect on April 25th. If you missed out, be sure to get yourself to ticket sales because if last night was any indication, it will undoubtedly be a night to remember.

Delv App Launch

I’ve been in the library for 14 hours now and instead of watching people come and go, I see the same faces typing away, with a few more Starbucks cups littered around their work spaces. Pre-break deadlines are looming and I’ve decided my main goal this week is to avoid catching library-pneumonia.

Achik Launch: Reviewed

Last night, Zest played host to the launch of Achik, an impressive new student-run social enterprise that aims to share the intricate work of Guatemalan and Bolivian weavers with St Andrews – and beyond.

Under Canvas Preview

Last year, Under Canvas underwent a successful rebranding to become the sole music festival event in St. Andrews. Johannah Alltimes described the music as, “Oh. My. Days. It was incredible” and the event as, “the best event I have ever attended in my 4 years in this town.”

Pop-up party

I have long been a fan of St.Art magazine and this week I saw the start of an exciting new venture for the magazine. The music section of the magazine has flown the nest and become St.Art Music, a distinct (but not estranged) sibling magazine.

ST.ART Issue 1 Launch Review

I have not been blessed with the talent of easily unearthing layered meanings in a painting or fully appreciating the creative procedure behind abstract drawings or sculptures. While I like to think creative bones exist in my body, they manifest themselves in words rather than art. Consequently, I went into the St. Art Launch Party with trepidation – would the art be accessible to someone like me? Could I write an honest review, knowing I may have grossly misinterpreted someone’s hard work?