Blind Mirth 21st Anniversary Improvaganza: Reviewed

The Thursday night of the On The Rocks Festival saw Blind Mirth’s 21st Anniversary performance. Improv is a new territory for me, so I was hesitant about what was in store. Truth be told, a couple of things worried me. First, I was worried about the idea of audience participation, something I loathe both in theory and practice. Second, I was worried I wouldn’t find it funny, based on some of last year’s reviews, and the fairly empty theatre.

Twelfth Night: Reviewed

With the performance of Twelfth Night which took place in the StAge on the 10thof April as part of the On The Rocks Festival, Shakespeare’s beloved comedy has now been performed every year in St Andrews for the last four years. This, however, was definitely the most unique and, in more ways than one, the most impressive production.

The Bell Pettigrew Museum A Performance Tour: Reviewed

Off the beaten track – quite literally tucked away in St Mary’s Quad – this interactive and immersive museum tour offered a refreshing change to a typical On the Rocks event. This guided tour of the Bell Pettigrew Natural History Museum incorporated performances in between informational sessions about various exhibits. While not a large museum space (the museum consists of mainly one room), its glass cases were filled with specimen and fossils, ranging from birds, to crocodiles, to butterflies.