Opening Ball 2017: Reviewed

Opening Ball is the first ball of the year and promises to bring together champagne and extravagance in marquees on Lower College Lawn. There was a great feeling of excitement walking through St Salvator’s quad, as enthusiastic freshers eagerly filled the marquees hoping for their first experience of luxury at a St Andrews ball; it was truly a moment to remember how beautiful our town is.

Opening Ball: Sophisticated glamour

The Kate Kennedy Club’s Opening Ball is a rite of passage for new students in St Andrews, and this year’s event did not disappoint. From early on in the evening, there was an exciting atmosphere surrounding the event, with taxis full of students looking very stylish in beautiful dresses and smart suits (including quite a few men wearing kilts or tartan trousers!).

A Sneak Peak at Opening Ball

It is a universally acknowledged fact in St Andrews that when the semester is finally in full swing it must be time for a ball, enter the Kate Kennedy Club and set the stage for Opening Ball.

Opening Ball: Reviewed

It’s safe to say that this year’s Opening Ball was a resounding success. As a second year student I returned with a certain degree of apprehension; unsure if the event would live up to my expectations having had such a fantastic time last year. Thankfully, I am glad to say that I was not disappointed!

What to Wear: Opening Ball

Opening Ball is a rite of passage at the beginning of each academic year. Whether you are dipping your toe into the St. Andrews Ball scene for the first time, or just reacquainting yourself with it. Much debate raged amongst my friends over the short to long dress debate for Opening Ball. Personally, I was in favour of the short dress, though the pressure is on at this event to impress in a way that only a long dress can. It’s a tricky dilemma; here is a run down of the three options to let you make up your own mind.
The Mini

Opening Ball 2014: Reviewed

While the Royals have long graduated, last night made clear that there are still an abundance of princes and beautiful princesses in St Andrews. Everyone was dressed to the nines and came in outfits of all shapes in sizes; kilts, three pieces, and dresses long and short. As the initiation into the fancy culture of St Andrews, the ball was wildly successful and presented a certain kind of magic in seeing friends in their most lovely state (a stark contrast to what was seen at breakfast the next morning).

Opening Ball Preview

Students come to St Andrews for one of the most unique university experiences the world has to offer; full of black tie events and fancy wine and cheese, a St Andrews calendar is quite unlike any other. The Kate Kennedy Club Opening Ball is the first formal ball of the year, and students jump at the opportunity to dig out old prom dresses and don their nicest suits. The ticket commotion from Freshers’ Week has resurfaced and the event is fully sold out!