The Post: necessary but passionless

News on President Trump’s slipshod efforts to discredit the media and his own Department of Justice — eerily similar to Nixon’s rabid treatment of the press and his own charges of obstruction of justice — as well as the discussion on workplace gender politics fountaining from the #MeToo movement, currently dominate US headlines. Such a stage set, Steven Spielberg’s The Post is most certainly a necessary film — though one which fails to capitalise on the underlying, long-dormant anger welling from topical issues.

Who’s Who and What’s What at the Oscars

The first Oscar ceremony I ever watched was in 2003 when I was 10 years old. Billy Crystal was the host and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was the big winner that year. Even at that age, I was in love with films for reasons other than they were entertainment. Films were, and are, for me an escape but at the same time taught me so much about life. Before people wind up in a diabetic coma from sentiment-overload, I’ll simply say that the Academy Awards are a momentous thing for a film lover like myself. Every year I stay up until the early hours of the morning watching the ceremony being broadcast live from Hollywood and frankly, it’s as thrilling as Christmas is for me. Also, much like Christmas, each year I become more aware of the tacky and superficial aspects of the event…but it still doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. Because if you can look past the self-aggrandizing presenters, questionable hosts (I think we all know who I mean) and backstage bribery, it’s this incredible event where countless renowned names in the world of film come together and celebrate the art form. If this was Oscar speech, now’s about the time they’d begin playing the music, so without further delay, here are my predictions for the eight most competitive categories.

The Wolf of Wall Street: Reviewed

Everyone has different motivations to see a certain film. For some, it’s the actors starring in it; sometimes it’s loyalty to a favourite director; and at times it’s a wicked trailer. All three of these are reasons I practically fled to the cinema to devour The Wolf of Wall Street.