Blink: Reviewed

It’s odd to talk about this play because it is fundamentally very odd. Blink is, for better or for worse, a Wes Anderson movie taken to the stage. There’s an attention to detail here that reminds me of that director’s work, not to mention a lot of music ripped straight from Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. Its tone is, for lack of a better word, decidedly quirky, reveling in its weirdness with a smile and a wink. But with all that entertaining goofiness, the show doesn’t let us sit with its heart enough to leave a major impact on the audience.

Film Review: Albatross

Albatross tells of seventeen-year old Emelia Conan-Doyle (Jessica Brown-Findlay), as she turns up at The Cliff House B&B to start her job as resident cleaner. Decked out in a studded leather jacket, kohl eyes and glittering pink heels, she shakes up the household with her witty remarks and racy outfits, enchanting both the owner’s daughter Beth (Felicity Jones), as well as her struggling writer father Jonathan (Sebastian Koch,), with whom she starts a risky Lolita-esque affair.