The Rise of the Don’t Walk Empire

In 2001 a new student run fashion show graced the St Andrews fashion scene. Founded by a group of multicultural students as a direct response to the 9 / 11 terror attacks. Youthful and innovative, the show intended to encapsulate the cosmopolitan nature of New York City, defiant in the face of a tragedy. From this noble beginning one of the most anticipated events in the St Andrew’s calendar flourished. But what we can expect from the fashion show powerhouse this year?

Don’t Walk 2016: Reviewed

After the success of the previous fashion shows I was curious to find out how DONT WALK was going to stand out from the others. With a string of excellent events held both last semester and this semester, DONT WALK’s annual fashion show in Kinkel Byre had a lot to live up to. As always, they did not let us down.