Bindi: Reviewed

Hosted by Sanskriti, the University’s South Asian society, Bindi promised a night of music, drinks and dancing, and it certainly did not disappoint. Starting as they meant to go on, guests flocked to the dance floor the moment the DJ began his set. The music was an eclectic mix of Bollywood and Bhangra, creating an upbeat and lively vibe that ensured it was the standout feature of the night. The committee had even sourced a dholi for the occasion, a traditional Punjabi drummer. This added another dimension to the music, and really brought the party to life. Trust me when I say it’s impossible not to dance along to the rhythm of a dhol.

Pangea 2015: Reviewed

Pangea is a one of a kind event that aims to represent the cultural diversity that our university is known for. The weekend began on Thursday night with a launch party. This was meant to be a bonfire but the dreary weather caused some logistical issues and the event was moved to the Union Main Bar. Still an exciting celebration, entertainment was provided by the STAR show, It’s a Wise Child, and by the St Andrews Anthropology Society.

Bindi 2014: Reviewed

One of the best and most exciting features of St Andrews is its cultural diversity. Students come from across the globe to study here, bringing with them traditions and customs that allow us to experience the highlights of cultures other than our own. Bindi is the South Asian Society’s first large event and it is definitely one of the best for experiencing immersion into another culture’s celebrations.