Holiday Highlights: Sark

A small boat pulls up alongside a stone jetty. It bobs up and down in the waves, as suitcases and passengers are precariously unloaded. A walk up a sloping grassy hill looms above them and they start regretting all the unnecessary items they packed in their heavy cases. Seagulls call and carelessly soar above the boat. They have no such things to weigh them down.

An Interview with Race2

With Race2 right around the corner, I managed to pull the busy Emma Robertson, Race2 Coordinator, aside for a few minutes to ask her a few questions about the race. Not only was she gracious enough to give me the time, but gave me some wonderful answers that were full of excitement. Curious about Race2? Racing yourself? Read on and get your fundraising pages ready.

Eye O’ The Dug: St Andrews’ Latest Music Festival

First, we had Starfields. Now, the Union are launching their latest music festival, Eye O’ The Dug, due to take place in St Andrews on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2012, in conjunction with native Fife company, Fence Records. Whilst the line-up is yet to be released, past artists have included KT Tunstall, British Sea Power, Caribou, Hot Chip, Johnny Flynn and many more. With the Union’s recent track record of hosting an increased range of exciting acts, this event looks like it will be a huge success.