Ours: An Exhibition by Capture Collective

 Situated in University Hall’s Old Wing Dining room, Capture Collective’s debut exhibition, Ours, brought together selected artworks from the hall’s collection. Since the hall opened to students in 1896, a wide-ranging collection has been built up from the gifts of friends and alumni, as well as from the Beverage Bequest, a memorial fund left to the hall in 1962 by one of its earliest women graduates. Under the direction of former warden, Lorna Walker, the fund was, and still is, used for the purchase of artworks every few years.

An Interview with Rickshaw India

The Wanderer sat down with some of the Rickshaw India team to find out more about their fundraising activities, the difficulties that riding a rickshaw across India will present and how they will be using their visit to contribute to the non-governmental organisation, Pratham.

This Spring Break? Jailbreak!

This is it. The big one: SPRING BREAK. Sadly, due to some unknown and unfortunate administrative decision, we have been granted the most untimely ‘Easter’ holidays of all time – THEY AREN’T EVEN OVER EASTER. Seriously though, they better be giving out mini eggs in morning lectures because, once again, we will be hanging out in the Buchanan instead of with the Easter Bunny on Easter Monday. No other institution follows this mysterious timetable which essentially entails that – unless you’re heading back home for a fortnight with the family – you will inevitably be spending the holidays with all your u-nay pals. Indeed, if you’re yet to book your budget flight to [insert European capital of choice here] you’re probably feeling the pressure to get planning. Before you start considering Ryanair, why not hold off for a moment and consider something a little less soul-destroying…

That Time I Went To A 65th Birthday Party in Spremberg

After successfully getting out of bed in time and unsuccessfully trying to hitchhike the wrong way out of our starting location, we plumped for Plan B: Walk2Prague. There’s something quite depressing about starting a hitchhike with a four-mile walk, only to end up where other teams had been dropped off that morning. However, from then on in, getting down the country was almost too easy. Seeing as there’s only so long I can draw out a narrative about sitting in cars where we explained for the umpteenth time that, yes, St Andrews is the university that Wills and Kate went to, here are some pictures to amuse you:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Prague

Returning to St Andrews after what felt like one of the longest holidays of all time, finally free from my claustrophobically small hometown and reunited with friends and flatmates after the long weeks apart, was initially a joyful experience. This elation was quickly supressed by fear brought by the realisation that classes and deadlines were looming. A fear that was quickly overwhelmed by jealousy as my dear friends rattled on about their endlessly exciting holiday experiences. Luckily, this time I had come prepared with my own thrilling tales to tell, having just returned from Prague (with the flu and without several items of warm clothing) as part of the Race2 Safety Team.

Exclusive Interview: Race2Prague Winners Dougal Adamson & Tom Whitehead

Spend your holidays glued to the live map detailing the adventures of the Race2Prague racers like we did? The Wanderer took some time to sit down for an exclusive interview with the winners of the Charities Campaign hitchhiking race, third year Biochemists Dougal Adamson and Tom Whitehead. Read on to find out more about how mouldy bananas, Bulgaria and 90s tunes contributed to their success…

Why do Race2?

After last year’s Race2Barcelona, many of us in St Andrews had been eagerly anticipating the announcement of this year’s location for one of the UK’s biggest charity hitchhikes. And so the first day of Freshers Week brought with it the final reveal of this year's location, PRAGUE! Whilst the city packs a punch with bucket loads of reasons to visit, here are 5 simple reasons why you should get there by hitchhiking and get in on the Race2 action this year…