Cottage Kitchen: Remodel Review

Over the winter holidays Cottage Kitchen saw a remodel, foregoing their glass case of cakes, salads and sandwiches in favor of a more established look. Not to worry, the cakes are still there and just as tempting as always! The change in Cottage Kitchen, while most evident in the new splashy, colored artwork that hangs on the walls, is perhaps most felt in their menu. Unlike previously when Cottage Kitchen would print their menus daily, it now has a set menu for drinks, brunch (which ends at noon), and a seasonal menu; the menu is now no longer uncertain. Some students appreciate the stability this new menu brings; one student claimed she could now rely on getting her favorite salad on her way home from classes, (the yam, chickpea, arugula, and feta salad). Still, others miss the sense of surprise that a daily menu gives.

Sassy Coconut Supper Club: Review

On Thursday, September 28th, the first Supper Club of the year was held at Northpoint Cafe. With a Mexican-themed menu, this event promised, “a delicious 3 course plant-based menu – everything will be vegan friendly, gluten free and refined sugar free.”

Get to know the Sassiest Student Business in Town

There is always room for dessert. And since the beginning of this semester, St Andrews has to offer a new and exciting alternative – I am of course talking about the Sassy Coconut, the first plant-based desserts company in St Andrews, which offers delicious dessert made with natural and nourishing ingredients and 100% vegan. Here at Owl Eyes we reached out to Katie and Ella, the two student masterminds behind Sassy Coconut, to get a whole new bunch of reasons to eat more dessert.

A Day in the Life of a Vegan

From three square meals to snacking and tea in-between, food is a pivotal part of our day. Not only a necessary energy force, eating is also a relaxing and enjoyable activity that most savour. Meals provide a way to connect with others as well as share cultural dishes and traditions. To many, there aren’t a lot of things that trump the bliss of the first bite of their favourite food, except maybe the rest of the meal.

Jewish Penicillin

Spending ten days becoming reacquainted with the fragility of the human immune system limits my recent experience of foods with which I might seek to tantalise you. Illness is typically associated with bland foods like dry toast. I am sure I need not describe to you the keening, cramping pain of suddenly rediscovered hunger. The first curls of lightly salted butter seeping into that formerly dry toast. The first morals eaten out of appetite, rather than grudging acceptance of necessary sustenance.