What to Wear: Starfields 2017

Notably St Andrews’ “last hurrah” for the summer before reality sets in and we all have to get to work, Starfields is a great opportunity to get down to some class house music and get one last use out of that Hawaiian shirt.  Put on by the committee of the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show, known affectionately as FS, it’s a combination of music festival and booze-fueled garden party with plenty of glitter to go around – but not quite Glasto or Burning Man. So: what on earth do you wear? If you’re struggling with outfit inspiration and you don’t want to resort to chucking on your gap-year trousers (you know the ones) and a crop top last minute, look no further. Here are a few ideas for what to wear to Starfields.

What to Wear: Welly Ball

Its time to scrub the mud of your wellies and give them a lease of life beyond walking the dogs. It’s Welly Ball! That magical time of year when we actually get to wear footwear suited to Kinkell Byre.

FS 2016: What to Wear

With St Andrew’s Fashion Show season in full swing, having a countless number of outfit ideas is pretty important if you’re planning on hitting them all. Here are some suggestions from our Sartoriowl on the hottest looks for this season that you could sport to FS this weekend. As this isn’t a ball, we’ve opted for some different looks and there are no ball gowns in sight! Be brave at the fashion shows, the more creative you can be, the better.

What to Wear: Catwalk

St. Andrew’s suffers from the rare phenomenon of having its own fashion season. This Saturday Catwalk has the honour of kicking the semesters fashion shows off. As always Owl Eyes is here as your fashion fairy godmother to make you FROW worthy (and I don’t mean front row lecture theatre).

What to Wear: 602 Ball

In less than a week St. Andrews is turning 602! How should we celebrate our favourite universities birthday? By donning our best gladrags and preparing to dance the night away at the 602 Ball, of course! Here is a little inspiration to fuel you’re creative juices and procrastination, getting you into the party spirit with razzle dazzle dresses and shiny shoes.

What To Wear : Welly Ball

Ready to get those wellys muddy? Welly Ball is finally here! I’m trying my best to contain my excitement, but this is one of my favourite dress codes. Personally, I wish it was socially acceptable to wear wellys to every ball: they’re comfortable, they make wiping out on the dance floor a lot less likely and they’re waterproof (I can’t be the only one who manages to spill a baffling number of drinks on their feet). However, glamming up a pair of wellys does require a bit of inspiration. Here are a few handy little starting points to help you get ready for a night of pain free dancing in Kinkell.

What to Wear: Masquerade Ball

It’s hard to obtain a little anonymity in St. Andrews, too many times I have been drunk shamed after a night out. However, finally ball goers are getting the chance to get up to a little shame free mischief and mayhem in our little bubble, at the Masquerade Ball!

What to Wear: Opening Ball

Opening Ball is a rite of passage at the beginning of each academic year. Whether you are dipping your toe into the St. Andrews Ball scene for the first time, or just reacquainting yourself with it. Much debate raged amongst my friends over the short to long dress debate for Opening Ball. Personally, I was in favour of the short dress, though the pressure is on at this event to impress in a way that only a long dress can. It’s a tricky dilemma; here is a run down of the three options to let you make up your own mind.
The Mini

What To Wear: Starfields

Now in it’s 3rd year, Starfields is one of the most highly anticipated events on the St Andrews Social Calendar, and one of the biggest and most popular events of Freshers’ week. Set in Lower College Lawn, it has a real festival feel and with headliners Klinglande, it’ll feel like the last summer festival of the season! Have a look at some of our outfit ideas to get you in the mood for Starfields 2015.
WTW: Starfields 1 & 2


What to Wear: Under Canvas

Under Canvas is one of those unique events where a pair of stilettos or a black bow tie would simply be blasphemous. 25/04/15 will be about embracing your colourful alter ego; where shoes will be worn out of necessity not decoration. Get ready; it’s festival time in St. Andrews.