How to Nail an Audition

As theatre auditions approach, you may find yourself nervous, whether you are a returning thespian or a newcomer to the stage. But don’t fret, because auditions are not as terrifying as they seem. Here are a few tips for nailing your audition.


  1. Demonstrate a broad range: An excellent way to do this is to dress up as Batman, an incredibly versatile character. Simply by wearing a Batman costume, you indicate to those presiding over the audition that you are capable of assuming many roles, such as billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, martial arts master, hide-n-seek champion, etc.
  2. Association with Hamlet: To give yourself some stage cred, especially if you are new to theatre, it is always a good idea to associate yourself with Shakespeare, particularly the role of Hamlet. You should do this by carrying a human skull around with you, and rather than engaging with your peers who are also auditioning, you should sigh dramatically while gazing into the
  3. Imitation: Before auditioning, in order to better your understanding of the craft, you must practice imitating some of the greats. For instance, take a day to try out your best Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly (of The Devil Wears Prada). Shout at your flatmates to get Armani on the phone, and practice a judging stare of people’s fashion in the café (bonus: if you perfect this stare, you can use it again at the charity fashion show in February).
  4. Tap Dancing: In case of musical theatre auditions, brush up on your tap dancing skills for use in group numbers. The upper floors of the library are wonderful places to practice, as it is always quiet enough to hear your rhythm.
  5. The Wow Factor: It’s always good to have an extra talent, for adding that “wow” factor to your audition, so go for something really unusual. I suggest learning to be a fire-eater. You can probably find a video on YouTube that will show you how.
  6. The Sacrifice: Last, but most importantly, you must make a sacrifice to the Greek god of theatres, Dionysus. A frozen chicken from Tesco’s, chucked off the end of the pier, is said to please the god enough to secure you a place in the production.stage

Of course, if none of these tips work, you might as well just pop a cork and stick to worshipping Dionysus in his better known role: the god of wine.