OTR: Do I Dare? Preview

Poetry, art, dance and theatre come together to tell the story of one of the greatest literary couples of the twentieth century, Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. We talked to the producer of the show:


What is the format of Do I Dare?

Do I Dare? fuses together dance, poetry, music, and art to tell the story of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. This show follows the relationship trajectory of the two protagonists from ecstasy inducing romance to profound tragedy. Questioning the fluidity of poetry as a genre of literature, this production will dramatise pre-existing poems into soliloquies and dialogue, ornamented with the mediums of dance, visual art and music. The audience should expect to see waltz, ballet and contemporary styles of dance.


Why is the show not to be missed?

‘Do I Dare?’ will be a showcase of the creativity and talent of the students of St Andrews, including musicians, actors and dancers. The script for the show was compiled by Xara Bennett-Jones, Radhaika Kapur and Lottie Barker, three students with varied backgrounds in theatre and dance leading to a unique and dynamic performance! Also to add to all the drama and poetry, your ticket price will include a complimentary glass of wine!


What the audience will take away from the performance?

First and foremost we would hope that audience members would come away having been fully immersed in the narrative of one of the most important 20th century literary couples. Through ‘Do I Dare?’ we also hope to demonstrate how lifting poetry from the page can lead to an enriching, perhaps greater appreciation of the sentiments of the writer.


Do I Dare? will take place at 7pm on the 7th and 8th April in Sandy’s Bar. Tickets are £6. More information here