What to Wear: DONT WALK

With so many different occasions in St Andrews, especially fashion shows, committees need to work hard to make their event stand out. Don’t Walk is one of these events that aims to be a bit different. I met up with Chelsea Robbins, Head of Fashion for DW , to get some fashion inspiration and find out what she thinks makes Don’t Walk stand out…

How does the atmosphere of DW differ from other fashion shows in St Andrews? And consequently, how does this effect how we should dress up for the event?

The Don’t Walk creative team takes a lot of time to create an entire space for the event. The Creative Director makes sure that every detail, right down to the table settings, represents the feel and the atmosphere of the night. Essentially, you’re transported out of St Andrews. Other than the people, you’ll feel like you’ve really left the Bubble at Don’t Walk. So in terms of what to wear, Don’t Walk is the time to try something different you’ve been wanting to try but not found the right event in St Andrews. It’s the night to go your wildest; to do something different and unique. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Heels or no heels?

I can’t tell you where Don’t Walk is being held , but what I can say is that it is NOT in a field. So if you want to wear heels, definitely do it!

*The location has since been revealed as the Bowhouse , near St Monans.


DW 1 and 2


Similar to outfit one, you could try pairing a bright print with a cute jacket. If you’re feeling brave, some chunky boots like those can really be a focal point and create an expressive outfit. If outfit two takes your fancy, pair a feminine dress with classy heels and a chunky necklace for a bit of an individual look.


What about the boys?

It can go a couple of ways with boys. You could try going casual, maybe jeans and a blazer or sports coat. But just like the girls, dressing expressively and dressing up is encouraged. Don’t walk is very… edgy: a graphic t-shirt and a leather jacket would work for the boys, just like a suit would. One thing, Don’t Walk is not black tie. There isn’t really a stereotypical look though, girls don’t have to wear dresses, guys don’t have to wear suits. Just try to be unique and express yourself.

DW 3 and 4


A big trend recently is the matching suit, either top and trouser or top and skirt suit. This is a daring look, yet the simple monochrome pattern makes it very classic. Outfit four is an example of using accessories to stand out against the simple, and yet so effective, LBD. Dust off that old favourite and pair it with some really cute and coordinated accessories for a lovely, expressive and comfortable look for DW.


Are there any particular designers the committee take inspiration from?

We are just coming out of some Fashion Weeks, the team are of course interested in what some of the top designers are putting out there. However, DW is a platform for new desiners, young designers, for designers who are doing something different. We hope that people will pay attention to designers that we showcase. If they see something that they like, hopefully they’ll look up that designer the next day. That’s one of the aims of DW; a way to showcase new, young talent. The best way to reflect all of the individuality that we showcase is to wear something different to DW.


Now, you’ve said that DW is the place to try something you’ve always wanted to try. Any advice for people who want to try something different, fashion wise, but are not quite sure where to start?

If you’re not looking to buy for the event, then make up is a great way to try something new. You could wear quite a subtle, black outfit and then do something bold with your makeup. Look at beauty blogs, magazines and try YouTube for tutorials. Start with one piece anyway, you don’t need to make over your whole outfit. If you pick out great shows, wear something to show them off. If you have a really nice top you’ve been wanting to wear, make that the statement piece.




Make up is definitely a great way to be expressive and try something new if you don’t want to go all out or buy a new outfit. For smoky, sparkly eyes try looking here. Or for dark lips and subtle eye try this tutorial. If you’re looking to go all out with your make up, to really brighten up a simple outfit, then maybe try this.

What 3 words would you use to describe DW?

That is a horrible question, oh my god. Actually, say that: OH. MY. GOD.


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