Fife Food Festival

Fife Food Festival is always a blast for the St Andrew’s foodie – and this year was no different! Each year, the festival is arranged as a part of the Raising and Giving Campaign (RAG Week). The three-pound entrance fee went to support the charity Mary’s Meals – a charity that provides meals for the world’s poorest school children.

Here are the Owl Eyes editors’ highlights from this year’s Fife Food Festival

1. Mademoiselle Macaron:

It is impossible to resist walking past a table filled with a rainbow variety of French macarons! Younger hall had some great stalls with sweeties and cakes, but this was by far our favourite! We stocked up on rose & prosecco, pistachio, tiramisu, lemon, and chocolate & mint.

2. The Sassy Coconut:

Our favourite student, the Sassy Coconut, also had a stand where she was selling ready-made lunches, cakes, and nibbles. Healthy, plant-based, and homemade – what more could you ask for? Not much, which is perhaps why the Sassy Coconut won the Best Entrepreneur Prize at the festival.


3. The Harajuku Kitchen:

The Harajuku Kitchen from Edinburgh was back and were selling their delicious udon noodle lunches with gyoza. St Andrews has exactly zero Japanese estaurants (especially after Sooshi left), so it was no surprise that this was a student favourite. Make sure to check them out next time you’re in Edinburgh!

4. The Adamson Cocktail demo: One of the three free cooking demos was by the Adamson, teaching us the basics of cocktail making. Not only are the bartenders at the Adamson incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, but their wit and charm made the demo fly by. After having tasted a stirred (not shaken) martini and their own Lady Dalton, we headed off to the Adamson for a few more cocktails.


As we left the Younger Hall we saw a candy floss machine where you could try your hand at spinning or just leave with a pink fluff of sugar–candy floss is always a plus!

These are only a few highlights of the Fife Food Festival. Mentioning each would be impossible as there were so many great stalls, such as artisan coffee, cupcakes, cheddar cheese, homemade fudge and much more! Fife Food Festival remains an integral part of the spring semester!

Images courtesy of : The Fife Food Festival, The Sassy Coconut, Harajuku Kitchen, and The Adamson