Fresher’s Food Survival Guide (PART III): Top St Andrews Foodie Hints and Tips

Make sure you check Part I of the trilogy for basic, quick, healthy and cheap meals. To learn about simple, delicious and impressive dinner party ideas check out Part II!


St Andrews has an amazing selection of local producers, cafes, bars and restaurants, so it’s hard to summarise them all in one go; but here are some hints and tips to get you started.



1)     Make friends with your local butcher: Minicks on South Street do the best value, locally produced meat and will happy to advise you on how to cook different cheap cuts.

2)     John Birrell on South Street is fruit and vegetable heaven – you pay for what you want avoiding excessive amounts of food in your fridge.

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3)     Sunday brunch is a Mitchell’s affair, any other day go for pancakes at North Point or scones at Gorgeous.

4)     Taste serves the best coffee in town.

5)     The best value student take-outs come from Maisha: £6.95 for a starter, main, rice, naan and poppadoms.

6)     Janetta’s has the most impressive selection of ice cream: 52 flavours which change from week to week.

7)     Explore the local cheese shops: I.J. Mellis and The Guid Cheese Shop smell funky, but supply an incredible assortment of cheese.

8)     The Vic serve 2-for-1 burgers (Sun-Thurs): Bargain!

9)     Dervish should only part of your staple diet after a night out, and on Friday nights nothing beats Toastie Bar for a late-night snack.


10)  Best hangover cure/immune booster: Zest smoothies – Flash your student card to get a large for the price of a regular



Thanks to loblolliesmitchellsdeli and blueskyphotography for the lovely photos!