Healthy Snack Ideas: Kale chips

University life as we all know can be extremely hectic. This results in many students slipping into an unhealthy lifestyle (as I myself have found the tendency to do). Whether it is running around from classes and tutorials or trying to fit in a social life around work, eating right isn’t really a top priority. So I have discovered a few snacks that you can make in halls or your flat etcetera that are really simple.

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My first healthy snack is Kale chips. The benefit of eating these is the fact that you will be significantly reducing your saturated fat intake. It would be considerably higher if you had instead, for example, a few packets of ordinary crisps. Also as you bake them in the oven, you are reducing the amount of fried food you are consuming. Moreover, you can get the ingredients to do this easily from your local super market.

Step One: Preheat your oven to 135 degrees Celsius or 275 degrees Fahrenheit

Step Two: Lay your loose kale leaves (cut them into ordinary crisp size if necessary) on a baking tray on grease proof paper

Step Three: Sprinkle with oil and salt (or whatever seasoning you prefer)

Step Four: Bake till crisp (around 20 minutes and turn them over half way through)

Title photo courtesy of Pinterest