Josper’s Reviewed


After four weeks, I finally made it to Josper’s, the ‘new’ Burger-Steak-Lobster restaurant in town; situated on Bell Street.



The design of the restaurant is well thought-out with a peripheral table plan for couples or smaller parties, circling one long table in the middle; with metal chairs and dark wooden interior. The boards on the walls reminded me of the Vic – (a two-for-one burger special available on Mondays). For a Saturday night it seemed quiet at 7pm, but the restaurant filled out as the night progressed.


My friend and I decided to get two dishes and share them between us; the steak and the lobster being obvious choices. I went for the ‘Lobster Roll’, which consisted of lobster in a light mayonnaise dressing, accompanied by salad in a toasted brioche roll, and my friend went for the rib-eye steak with béarnaise sauce. Both of the dishes came with fries and a salad. We pandered with the idea of getting the ‘Surf ‘n’ Turf’ option of lobster on steak, but struggled to visualise how this would be presented. We later saw that it was as simple as having lobster on steak. Instead, we combined a mouthful of lobster and steak from our two separate plates and came to the conclusion that it was impossible for that particular combination to go wrong. Great lobster + Great Steak = Amazing Lobster and Steak.

The flavours do not contradict nor over-power each other, but the marshmellow-ey, slightly sweet and slightly salt combination was certainly a winner. My toasted brioche presented a bit too much bread-to-filling ratio for my liking, but I could not fault the delicacy of the fresh lobster. The steak was perfectly seasoned and evidently well-hung, providing juicy and tender meat. Although we enjoyed the béarnaise sauce; the steak would have been delicious without it.

Often I find steak and chips an over-whelming dish, heavy and difficult to finish; however, I feel Josper’s struck the right balance with a small bowl of salad and fries as an accompaniment. Other sides were available including hand-cut fries, mac ‘n’ cheese or peppercorn sauce to name a few; which, judging by the standard of the food we had I would be keen to try another time.

The service was friendly and extremely efficient; the waiters being attentive without making us feel rushed. We perused the dessert menu, and despite my adoration of sticky toffee pudding and the temptation of the Chef’s Special dessert that day; we decided to give them a miss. Including a soft drink and beer, our bill came to just under £50; which I did not begrudge paying considering all of the above. Josper’s is not marketing a sub-par surf and turf experience, it has a casual feel to it although it is evident that great care has been taken to get each element of the restaurant experience right. Hopefully, Josper’s will be here to stay.


Images courtesy of gwp-architects and Jospers