The History, The Golf, The Uni, The Beer

For a town with so many beer lovers, it is surprising there are not dozens of craft breweries nearby.  Up until January, the closest was in Kirkcaldy, but thanks to brewer Bob Phaff, we now can enjoy local ales. Bob recently established St. Andrews Brewing Company, and has spent the last month creating his artisanal ales. His first batches will be released next week, with the first tasting at Luvians on Tuesday March 5th at 6.30pm

Bob has been passionate about beer for many years. Whilst living in Idaho, he wrote a guidebook on the local brews, and often experimented with recipes. Recently, he decided to brew full time and bring the residents of St. Andrews a variety of specialty ales. He uses Scottish barley, whilst his hops are English and American. The ale is made through a process of heating and cooling the ingredients inside large wooden barrels. Yeast is added, and the beer begins to ferment. The beer is then bottled, and in 3 weeks it is ready to drink.

His current offerings are India Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Neuk Ale, Seventy Bob, and Fife Gold — a golden ale which has a subtle hoppiness with an easy drinkability. Bob believes this will be his best seller. He will be at Luvians on Tuesday, with all those wishing to sample his exceptional brews. They will soon be available in pubs, restaurants, and shops around town.

For more information, visit the St Andrews Brewing Company Facebook Page.