Zizzi: Reviewed

I have never really ventured much to the “end” of South Street. My knowledge pretty much ends at Church Street, and everything after that is vague and ephemeral – there are some pubs, I think,  and cafés, probably, and then Jannettas, somewhere around there. So I had seen Zizzi before, I just never really paid attention to what seemed from the outside like a bar, with two tables outside and a couple of chairs.

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Looking online for a new place to have dinner, I found their website, and it was a revelation. I have never booked a table so efficiently -I still had the tab with the webpage open when I received the text confirming my booking, and an email as well. For someone like me who is not a fan of ordering or booking on the phone, especially with Scottish accents, it is great.

I also found out that Zizzi is from the same brand that owns PizzaExpress. They have more than 120 restaurants in the UK, which probably explains the impeccable website and booking process.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAs a starter, we ordered the Zizzi antipasti to share, £6.95 the small version. As an Italian away from home, I was excited to eat some good prosciutto and salami, and overall I was not disappointed. The only thing I was not too happy with was the poor mozzarella di bufala, which seemed battered and almost minced, giving me the idea that it was probably not cut freshly from a whole mozzarella, but shredded and stored in advance.

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For the main, I enjoyed how the menu offered different options. There was pasta, salad, meat and fish, but also different kinds of pizza: from skinny pizza (under 500 kcals!) to classic pizza, from calzone to pizza rustica. We both chose the latter, as it is Zizzi’s signature pizza, hand stretched, crispy and full of toppings, going from £11 to £13. Except for some toppings which seemed like just a bit too much – the artichoke and olives on the primavera and the mascarpone on the piccante, both pizzas were extremely good. Even though my stomach was full before I had managed to get halfway through, it was hard to get my brain to stop eating.

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However, we could not just give up before dessert. We we crossed the finish line with an espresso affogato, a delicious 3-steps interactive dessert in which you have to pour the espresso on crema-flavoured gelato and then crumble amaretti biscuits on top (optional step 2: add liqueur). I found this to be the perfect ending: we were way too stuffed for a full dessert but we still craved something sweet and some caffeine to save us from the abbiocco (the drowsiness and sleepiness that comes after a big meal).

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We ended up paying £25 each, which, although not a big amount, I found to be a bit overpriced for the simple, pizzeria-kind of meal that it was. We were still quite pleased with our dinner. Not to mention, I only spotted one Italian spelling mistake in the menu, and the peperoncino-infused oil that was on every table was delicious.

So, overall, we really enjoyed the meal, and we left with our bellies (way too) full and a smile on our faces.


You can find Zizzi at 87-89 South Street, St Andrews, KY16 9QW or on their website.