CATWALK: Reviewed

After a year-long hiatus, Catwalk is back. RAG Week’s Fashion show was held in Club 601, whose construction last academic year was the cause of the fashion show being cancelled. That, however, led to two things- St. Andrews’ newest club, and a much heightened sense of anticipation for this year’s show, which did not fail to disappoint. The darkened interior of 601 was transformed with strobe lights and smoke machines, a runway taking pride of place in the centre.

It has long since been said that a fashion show is a St. Andrews’ rite of passage, and the excitement was evident amongst the crowd. Clustered in gaggles around the runway’s edge, with their phones in hand and home-made signs at the ready, they called out the models’ names as they made their entrance, some keeping stone-faced and others exchanging grins with the screaming fans. A range of around two hundred outfits were displayed that night, the majority of which were from shops local to St. Andrews, such as ‘Save the Children’ and ‘The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’, this contributed to the family feel of the event. Globally renowned names also made their way into the selection, such as the Japanese phenomenon ‘Superdry’.

Walking silently onto the runway, the models’ deft poses were the best possible way to highlight the vast range of eccentric, wacky, and fantastic clothing that was displayed. With tasteful rips and cut outs bedecking the denim, and grunge-style outfits comprised of lace and leather, it was clear that this was a fashion show with a difference. Model Claudia Brown assured me “we’re essentially putting the middle finger up at the other fashion shows”. Personally, as someone whose style stays firmly in the camp of heels and dresses, street style clothes isn’t a concept with which I am very familiar, but with the outfits on the runway that evening, I could see just what was so amazing and attractive about the genre. It is an unappreciated look that allows for self-expression, and should undoubtedly get more of a prominence at other fashion shows.

The fashion show smoothly proceeded into the after party, where there was a chance for the charismatic models and the fans to mingle. Kind, friendly but above all, massively down to earth, the evening was made such a success by the approachable and amazing attitude of the committee and models alike. One thing was unquestionably clear; some things are worth the wait, and Catwalk’s revival was definitely one of them.

Photos courtesy of Lightbox Creative.