DONT WALK: Model Castings

The charity fashion show DONT WALK is having its model castings this coming Friday and Saturday. Auditions are inevitably a nerve-racking experience, but if you give it a shot, you may be able to be a part of a truly exceptional organization, one which has always aroused intriguing discourse through its creative visions.

To introduce you to some of the members of DW and also inspire you to be bold, here are a few words from the DW team when we sat down with them this week.

Sam Halterman, the executive director, believes (along with many others) that “the DONT WALK fashion show isn’t very similar to any other shows in St Andrews due to both its mandate for constant innovation and its combination of so many different art forms. It’s definitely the place for the more creative and ambitious people in St Andrews to come and take part; we work hard to keep on making it more so every year.”

Elikem Logan, a model from last year, emphasized, “the night of the show will hands-down be the craziest night you will have in St Andrews – the team is full of lovely people and it’s a great vibe working with them.”

Don’t miss out on that kind of night because you are shy. John Barnes, model of the past two years, and Hamish Rea and Paul Grindlay, models from last year, all encourage you to ask them about their experiences if you see them around.

Model from last year, Theodora Chia, shared her initial anxieties yet ultimate enthusiasm: “The idea that DONT WALK exists on the edge resonates in the experience of its own committee. As soon as I auditioned for modelling, I immediately sensed that perhaps I was too shy to ever commit to something as exposing as DONT WALK. What I soon realised is that DONT WALK does push you on and over the edge, but only through encouragement, enthusiasm and dedication of the people working in it. I now feel part of a family that supports each other and is unified by the desire to make DONT WALK a memorable experience.”

Model castings are 22/09/17, 10am-3pm & 23/09/17, 11am-4pm at Hotel du Vin.