DRA/FP Ball Preview

As week three slowly slips into week four and fond memories of healthy amounts of sleep during the Christmas holiday become increasingly unimaginable, St Andrews offers one solace: DRA/FP Ball. The “Midsummer Night’s Dream” themed event promises to be more magical than ever, and once you see the outline for the night, we think you’ll agree.


Official ticket sales have just come to a close, but it’s recommended that you keep an eye on the Facebook event page to receive information about any remaining tickets. The tickets are available to residents (free) and non-residents (₤16), and are also offered to underage students as Under 18s tickets. Please remember to bring ID as it will be checked before entering the venue- any underage students without an Under 18s ticket will not be permitted entry.

Each guest has an assigned coach time listed on his or her ticket, departing from DRA at 9pm, 10pm, or 11pm. The event is being held at Kinkell Byre– the already rustic and charming venue will be transformed into an enchanting forest garden.

Upon arrival at the event, guests will be treated to a fruity cocktail to begin the night. Students are invited to a complementary scoop (or many) of St Andrews’ very own Jannettas ice cream and a variety of shisha flavours to taste, and may purchase a wrap from Blackhorn’s if hunger strikes. Flower garlands and sparkly glitter tattoos add to the theme and a photo booth will be available to capture favourite moments; it’s clear that guests can expect to be spoiled with treats throughout the night.

Of course, no ball would be complete without music, and the DRA/FP Ball’s line up presents an ideal mix of genres to suit all guests. The night will incorporate music from DJ SAUNIT and live acts from The Other Guys and John Doe Etc, whose lead vocalist is our own DoES Leon O’Rourke. The main act, however, is truly not one to miss. Beat a Maxx, coming to St Andrews all the way from London, is the world’s number one video DJ and promises to be an absolutely fantastic show.

The theme conjures up images of long, wispy dresses but, as always, guests can and will arrive in an array of outfits. The suggested black-tie dress code allows for elegant dresses, both long and short, for girls and suits or kilts for men, although the options are endless. In terms of fashion, get ready to get creative!

The DRA/FP Ball is ready to impress and guests can hold very high expectations for the night. From exceptional music acts down to the perfect minor details, students should “prepare to be enchanted!”