dRAG Walk: Reviewed

For anyone who doesn’t know what dRAG Walk is, where have you been?! This was their third cycle and it was just as, if not more, fabulous than its previous iterations.

Hosted by Rujazzle, the night revolved around 10 drag contestants competing to win the title of ‘Fife’s next drag superstar’ (according to the dRAG Walk Facebook page anyway…). The judging panel was comprised of Sue Phyllis, last cycle’s winner, who was accompanied by fellow drag stars and other senior students.


The contestants made their debuts via a runway show and embarked on the first round. Each contestant was posed a question by Rujazzle. My personal favourite came from Justin Boneher when asked ‘what has drag taught you about life?’ he replied ‘it’s taught me to never say never’ (Justin Bieber puns always deserve applause in my books).

The second round was a session of the Queens and Kings reading each other and let me tell you, the sassy puns were in full flow. Mark Well-Hung jibes were on point, saying to Justin ‘Justin, you know, ‘Boneher’, more like ‘Loner’ since I was just in your lady’ *insert crotch grab*, burn. Needless to say the crowd went wild for that one…The winner of this round, Gayvid Cameron, was then allowed to manipulate the third round, entitled ‘Diva on a Dime’. He allocated a famous diva to the 6 remaining contestants according to his wishes and they then had to recreate these icons over the interval using only materials and items procured from boxes backstage.

The interval itself was an interesting interlude with Lacy Rain providing the entertainment in the form of a seriously odd but surprisingly amusing psychiatric ward/patient role play with the poor unfortunate drag stars being diagnosed with nymphomania, excessive hair growth and homosexuality.

When the contestants returned with their very avant garde creations, the owners of the three best outfits were chosen to advance to the final lip sync round. Some questionable dancing and some serious sass, it was what Friday night dreams are made off. Mark Well-Hung was crowned the winner and Gayvid Cameron was awarded the title of Miss Cu*tgeniality. I guess this was the year of the Drag Kings!

All in all, the night was a fun way to let loose at the end of the week and a short but relaxing break from reality. Who knew St Andrews had so many talented drag acts?