Freshers’ Guide: How to Decorate Your New Room

Moving out of the family home can be a daunting experience, you’re leaving behind the comfort of your childhood room and the safety net of your parents who will be there to help when you spill nail varnish on your carpet or need a big load of washing done. However, there are so many amazing things about leaving home too: new found freedom and independence, not feeling guilty for coming home at 4am with chips ‘n’ cheese, being able to decorate your room however you like. On the second of our freshers’ guides, we’re going to have a look at the best things to buy to jazz up your brand new room!



Plants can be such a nice way to make your room feel more homely; they add a bit of greenery to what could be an otherwise dull space, and will come in handy during the cold Scottish winters when all the greenery outside your window disappears. Plus, plants add oxygen to your room and can help you focus better apparently. Regardless of their benefits, plants are cool and they really can brighten up a room. If you want super low-maintenance, think cacti or succulents; they require very little watering or looking after. Not a fan of the prickly type, my personal favourite is ivy but this does need more looking after (my last one died).



The key to a relaxing space is the lighting. Forget about the light on the ceiling, it’s too harsh and a pain to switch off if you’re all cosy in bed. Invest in a really nice bedside lamp, as it’ll make a big difference to the feel of your room. Splash out and get a desk lamp too if you fancy. And if you’re feeling brave, even get some fairy lights (there are certain rules about these kind of things so maybe check with your halls or landlord).



Posters and artwork can help you customise a room and really make it your own. Think your favourite band, your favourite city or even just your favourite piece of art as a big old poster. Even post cards, funny drawings or old tickets are a good way to make your room feel more like home. Use Washi tape to make colour frames on your wall for your favourite pictures (see above). If you can’t stick anything on your wall, invest in big pin board from Rymans to make sure you have lots of space for your best art!



I don’t think images on a computer can really live up to having a physical print of a photograph. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but printed photos can be a great way to decorate a space and make you feel at home, as you’re surrounded by pictures of your loved ones, friends and family. Websites like photobox will give you free prints just for signing up to their mailing list; try different websites and you could get a whole lot of printed photos for free. Hang the pictures in interesting ways using something like the one shown below, or make a big collage on a pin board for your wall. Remember to leave space for more photos that you can add throughout the year, as you make memories with all your new uni friends.