The last performance by Dance Soc was this weekend and it was not difficult to understand why it was a sell out event. The night offered great entertainment with beautiful dances by over 150 dancers in 21 dance numbers.

Hit The Lights was held in Venue 1, a location at least I have always been skeptical of. I was imagining a make-do ‘middle school’ recital, but once I entered the union I realized it would be nothing of that sort. There were many seats in the hall, but it was not crowded either. Dance Soc. had managed to utilize the space to the utmost efficient extent.

With over 21 dance numbers, it would seem like you would be able to choose a favorite number. But to be honest, all the dance numbers were fabulous and all contributed to an amazing night. There was something for everyone it seemed, from contemporary to Irish river dancing! The beginner and intermediate classes impressed me especially. As the teachers wrote in the program, their effort was astounding and they have become true dancers. Huge applause to the beginner tap group with their performance of ‘Pencil Full of Lead’!

The teachers interpreted the theme and were the choreographers of the dances. Because of this there was great diversity of dance, even within the same category of dance. I enjoyed Advanced Ballet’s number ‘Arising’. Not having seen much ballet before, I sat there thinking, how can someone seem to be moving so effortlessly, but elegant at the same time? The performance was absolutely mesmerizing.


During the intermission, the audience was free to wander up to the venue 2 bar area. Less announced was the fact that they were serving Janetta’s ice cream. The numerous Janetta ice-cream cups puzzled me until I saw them selling it upfront by the stage. I was happy to see in the program that the proceeds were going the charity Children in Hope, which Dance Soc. has been raising funds for two years.

Starting the show back up again after intermission made me realize the professional level of the Ents Crew. The night couldn’t have ben such a roaring success without them. Switching from short slideshows from each dance club to cueing music, everything ran flawlessly. The lighting designs were also amazing and well enraptured the ‘hit the lights’ theme that Dance Soc. decided to run with this year. Especially in the Breakin’ & Styles dance number.

Stand out performances during the second act was definitely the last performance by the Blue Angels (which had two dance numbers) and the Advanced Jazz Beyoncé number. Incorporating one of my favorite songs, the Blue Angels dance team performed a lyrical dance number to ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World. An emotional dance portraying love and hurt. The last dance number was a definite crowd pleaser! Having a mash up of several Beyoncé songs with a large team of talented dancers.

Good job to everyone who made this event a huge success!