Model Behavior: Festive Makeup 2014

The deadline-filled semester is slowly drawing to a close and the word on everyone’s lips is ‘Christmas.’ The time is fast approaching for us to return home and be welcomed back into the folds of our loving families. Christmas is a family season, thus the perfect time to show off how the freedom we experience in St Andrews is put to use. I always find that the Christmas season is the optimum time to experiment with new makeup looks, sparkle and be the belle of the ball! Forget blending into the crowd, now is the time to light up the room with these simple but effective looks for the most important days of the holiday.

Christmas Eve is without doubt one of the most magical nights of the year. Atmospheric Midnight Mass would not be complete without a cosy fur coat and knee-high boats, in preparation for the snow we all hope will arrive. As for makeup, try this demure look à la Angelina Jolie, with flawless complexion and bright red lips. As a suggestion, Chanel’s Vitalumière Aqua Foundation teamed with Dior’s Addict Lipstick make for a perfect combination.



Christmas Day, while also magical and full of yuletide joy, is probably a day when you will come face-to-face with various relatives you have not seen in a long time, perhaps even since last Christmas. Thus, this festive day calls for an extra special look. Forget the woolly reindeer sweater and flimsy paper hat and go for high-glamour this Christmas Day. You can never go wrong with a flawless complexion, paying special attention to the eyebrows and lips. Try Benefit’s Brow Zing to subtly but effectively highlight eyebrows and their Erase Paste to cover up any of those unwanted blemishes. Clinique’s Blushing Blush Powder Blush in an appropriate shade applied aptly to the cheekbones will highlight your enviable youthful skin and make your smile simply contagious. As a finishing touch, add a sparkly hairpiece and bright coloured dress, preferably made of velvet, to complete your glamorous look. On Christmas Day, you earn the right to dress up and go all out!

xmas dayclinique


erase pastebrows


There is no day quite like New Year’s Eve on any girl’s social calendar. Whether you spend it curled up in front of a blazing fire with loved ones or out on the town, ring in the New Year with a special new look. Simple and minimalist can be positively breathtaking. Try sweeping your hair off your face to highlight your cheekbones, adding a hint of shimmer to the eyelid and focusing on ruby red lips. If red isn’t your colour, prepare to dazzle with a lovely deep pink. As suggestions, Urban Decay’s Naked3 Eyeshadow Pallette and Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick in Blushing Nude Soft Shine are destined to deliver. A statement necklace means you can wear a simple dress. Remember that in order to shine, less is always more!

NYEnude lips

naked palette


New Year’s Day is a new beginning, a time to recreate yourself, a time to rejuvenate and refresh your mind as well as your appearance. This New Year, find an area of your makeup you would like to improve and set aside the time to learn some new techniques. For me, the area I can never get quite right is the eye. However, sitting in the makeup artist’s chair for hours on end preparing for photo shoots has boosted my confidence to experiment, particularly with eyeliner. Lancôme’s eyeliner is easy to apply and will aid any timid novices. Following the rule that you focus on either eyes or lips, leave lips in a nude shade and generously apply a clear lip gloss such as one from Victoria’s Secret.


Just because we are students, should not in any way mean that glamour is lost from our lives. Youth is the perfect time to experiment with the way we perceive ourselves and how others view us. In my opinion, the best looks are created when we feel confident about ourselves so use this festive season as an excuse to have a little fun with your appearance and let Hollywood glamour enter your life. Merry Christmas to all!