Rasputin’s Circus Preview

Rasputin’s Circus, an event promising to bring clubbing to a whole new level, has been on the lips of many St Andreans the past few weeks as the event has quickly gained popularity and hype throughout the town. With in-town representatives and the ticket seller Skiddle.com selling tickets to this travelling circus of a club, the buzz has been quickly increasing as the event draws near. And yet, little is known about this event, which draws its inspiration from notorious historical figure, Grigori Rasputin.

I chatted with Xan Wood, one of the coordinators of Rasputin’s Circus in preparation for the big St Andrews launch on Tuesday. The event will only be the second of its kind from the Edinburgh-based, student-run event company, with the first event down in London just over a week ago. When asked to describe the history of the company and the event itself, Wood explained:

We are a student run events company based in Edinburgh. We branched down to London just over a week ago which was a great success, we want to try and replicate and expand on this in St Andrews on Tuesday. This is the first event we have done in St Andrews and it came about because, being based in Edinburgh, we know a lot of people at St Andrews…so we thought it would be fun to put on an event where we can gather everyone together under one room. If all goes well I would really like it to travel around the country. However, at the moment we are just focused on making the St Andrews launch as big as possible. 

As for the inspiration for the name and apparent theme, Wood explained:

I am a big fan of History and do a lot of reading about historical figures. Rasputin was an extremely controversial person, [but] I am more trying to convey the sense of the wild parties he was known for. The circus is just to make it sound a bit more fun and play on the idea of a travelling circus if we want to move it around. This may involve just doing the event in a different venue next time in St Andrews.

When pressed for more details about the atmosphere of the night itself, Wood explained the main goal of the evening was to make the night as fun as possible for everyone. The event will have two rooms of music: the main one house, featuring Ashton Squires and A. C. B, and the secondary room will feature hip hop.

He emphasizes there is no dress code and that attendees should just wear “what you would normally wear” to a club night. In a town where budgets are stretched thin by ball gowns and attempts to dress-to-theme, Rasputin’s Circus isn’t trying to compete with the “fancy dress ball culture” of St Andrews. Instead, Wood and the other coordinators aim to “try and recreate a nightclub environment as much as possible!” And considering the only attempt at nightlife and clubbing St Andrews can boast is the infamous yet incredibly compact Lizard Lounge, Rasputin’s Circus may just be what the doctor ordered.

Tickets for the event are still available, £21 from reps and £25 on Skiddle

For more information, follow Rasputin’s Circus on Facebook, link here