Seven Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Raisin

With Raisin Weekend now upon us, here are some tips for those partaking as parents or as children!

1. Have a theme

Don’t make the most interesting thing that your academic children do be snog a stranger. (They have every other Friday night to do that)


2. Academic family’s are for all year round, not just Raisin

Continue to have academic family events throughout the rest of the year. Whether it be monthly dinners, the occasional party, or planning on doing May Dip together

3. Be smart with your money

Alcohol is expensive, therefore Raisin is expense, a sad but inevitable fact. Try and be a bit crafty with your spending, Aldi brand liquors are cheaper than anything you can find, Sainsbury shaving foam is 12p per can, and Tesco Everyday Value pasta is 25p per bag.


4. Make sure you have food.

I’m going to paint a not very pretty picture for you, you’re academic children are going to be drunk, cold, and hungry. Time to step up and prove you’re parenting skills, feed your children (and everyone else drinking). Large and carb -y is the best way to go to prevent no unnecessary crashes during this long, alcohol fuelled day. True family bonds are formed over bowls of pasta during raisin.

5. Raisin proof clothing is a must!

Don’t wear any clothes that you would not be okay with ruining. Drunken face painting and the foam fight ruined both outfits I wore during Raisin so please don’t repeat my mistakes. Trainers, jeans and an old sweatshirt are safe bet; and don’t forget socks, losing them in a scavenger hunt clothes swap is much less scaring than a t-shirt, (or bra, as my academic mum will tell you)


6. Don’t go out the night before.

It’s just common sense, Raisin is not something you want to experience hungover, just stay in and chill on Saturday night. Maybe finish up any papers or tutorials that are due during week 6, because believe me when I say the library is the last place you’ll want to be on Monday morning.


7. Actually remember your Raisin.

This can be a tough-y but be careful to not go so overboard with drinks that you don’t remember anything about Raisin weekend. Remember to drink plenty of water and don’t drink anything you don’t want to, this is meant to be family bonding time not the drinking equivalent of the hunger games.

Raisin is a quintessential St Andrean experience along with red gowns and May Dip, so make sure to use these tips to follow and enjoy this wonderful tradition.