Valentine’s Day Is For The Haters

Nobody likes Valentines Day. I mean maybe, somewhere out there in the corners of the universe, there is that one person, but most of us somewhat sane people rather despise the day. It’s kind of awkward for everyone; couples feel the pressure to do something cheesy and romantic while single people down bottles of wine and tubs of ice cream in relief that the torture of avoiding all red, heart-shaped items can finally be over. Plus, we can’t forget all those miserable fools lost in undefined and complicated things; do you say Happy Valentines Day or is that going way too far into the land of vomitrocious couples do and thus you guys can’t do?

valentine's day

Either way, no matter who you are, Valentines Day seems to promise a day of stress and worry, but I say forget about it. Forget about what you’re meant to do and whom you’re meant to be with and what it’s all meant to mean. Valentines Day can still be about the people you love without it being so damn miserable. First of all, take a second to Skype your parents and/or your siblings; they’re the ones who have loved you through your emo phase, those teenage years when everyone became insufferable demons, and they will continue to put up with you for many decades to come. For that commitment alone they deserve a nice reminder that you appreciate everything they’ve done for you. Now, next up are your friends, who have voluntarily decided to love you even when you fall all over them and need to be spoon-fed quiche while drunk. Call or Facetime the ones from home who stayed up and watched the midnight premiere of the last Harry Potter movie with you and never judged you for knowing all the words to the High School Musical songs. Catch up with them because they are the ones that helped shape who you in those volatile, pre-teen years and without them, growing up would have been a lot duller.

I know ewe love me!

Now for the exciting part: planning a day with the friends or significant others you have been lucky enough to meet here. The key to having a great day is to not make such a big deal out of it. By all means, use the excuse of a special occasion to forget about those upcoming deadlines and to justify all the wine and treats consumed when you’re meant to be avoiding them as per New Years Resolutions. But just relax and enjoy the chance to gather together all the people you love for an amazingly fun day. You can lie in before meeting everyone for a late brunch at Balgove Larder or Northpoint because you should also remember to love yourself and nothing is a better gift to yourself than food. Those more exercise-inclined can start the day with a nice session of yoga in the studio located above the aquarium because after all, what is more stress-relieving than a view of early morning sunlight dancing on the foamy white crests of the sea?

pumpkin scones

Well, food and Netflix I suppose, which is a perfectly valid choice for the afternoon, though I would recommend making that difficult trip out from under the duvet to see some of the amazing movies in theatres right now, like Kingsmen. I mean, Colin Firth should be sufficient to sell that movie, but if that’s not convincing enough, there are jokes about St. Andrews students in it so it’s only natural that we all have to see it to analyze the truth of such statements. For those slightly more adventurous, Edinburgh is only a short bus-ride away and there’s never a lack of activities to make for a spectacular trip, regardless of whether you go with friends or a significant other. I would personally recommend stopping by Amarone for classy décor and expensive but delicious wines or Brown’s for the espresso cocktail and the roast dinner.

Valentines Day Cards

When all is said and done, no matter how you spend the day, just remember that this holiday is meant to be about love and your truest and greatest love should always be for yourself. So do yourself a favor and spend the day with people who make you laugh so hard that cheap Tesco wine comes out your nose. Don’t sit there and think about who you can’t have or what you want; spend the day appreciating all those people who are standing right next to you, hugging you while singing wildly to Taylor Swift or songs from Wicked. Love is a funny and powerful thing; it has the ability to make us cry, yell and fight, but it also has the ability to bring incredible joy, laughter and satisfaction. No matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you end up doing on Valentines Day, just do it with a smile because everyone single one of you is loved and that is what you should hold on to and remember on this maybe not so terrible day.

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