Xavier Ball: Preview

‘Be bright’ is the slogan for Xavier Ball, and it definitely sounds like a brilliant, positive event with a clear focus on making refugees’ lives brighter. On Friday 23rd October, Crail Airfield will be the venue for this fantastic evening.


Having previously been called Bongo Ball, the committee decided that the change of name would show their dedication to the charity that it supports, the Xavier Project. What is different about this ball is that the charity and event are synonymous, and the new name highlights this. This is the only ball in St Andrews where the charity actually started with the event, and executive director Drew Silverman says that their number one goal is to support Xavier Project.

Xavier Project and the ball were both set up in 2008 by then-St Andrew’s student Edmund Page. After returning from travels through Kenya and Uganda where he saw people experiencing extreme poverty, he set up the ball to raise money for his new charity. The Xavier Ball was, and still is now, the biggest source of fundraising for the Xavier Project. The charity supports urban refugees by helping refugee children with their school fees, offering them the invaluable chance to get an education in a government school. They also give refugees a voice by helping them to use media and communication. In addition to this, they support their livelihoods by assisting them in setting up businesses, such as the Rafiki Fabrix business.

On the night, guests are encouraged to wear Rafiki Fabrix clothing, there will be a few opportunities to buy this before the ball. The company makes beautiful, bright handmade clothes and fabrics, and is a micro-finance project which supports refugees by providing them with skills, a source of income, and employment. The Xavier ball will be shrugging of its Africa meets black tie persona in exchange for its new dress code: anything bright! From vibrant dresses to more casual clothing. Making this an event to really stand out from others.

The event itself will feature music from Remedy singer Little Boots and Tudor Lion, and there will also be a smaller marquee especially for entertainment from St Andrews student DJs. Included in the ticket are transport to the venue, a token for a drink of your choice, and free chips. As well as the excellent entertainment, there will also be a big bonfire.

From speaking to Drew Silverman, it is clear that the event is strongly focused on supporting the Xavier Project. In the past eight years, the event has raised over £44,000 for the charity, which makes their work possible. The night promises to be an exciting and vibrant evening with excellent entertainment.

Tickets will be on sale on Friday 9th October from 09:00 – 16:00 at 14 Murray Place, or until they are sold out. Everyone who buys a ticket will get a free Vita Coco coconut water, and there will be the chance to buy raffle tickets.