Holiday Highlights: Disneyland Paris

When three sisters turn sixteen, eighteen and twenty-one in the same year it seems appropriate to do something fittingly mature and sophisticated to celebrate. But who wants cocktail bars and spa breaks when you can spend a week in Disneyland Paris! For my sisters and I this seemed like the better option, so we set off on the Eurostar for a magical break of childhood reminisces.


It is fair to say that I spent at least half of the vacation in tears. Some of that Disney magic clearly made me excessively emotional, and anything from a statue of Cinderella to a whirl around ‘It’s a Small World’ set me off. My sister’s footage of the ‘Disney Magic’ parade is punctuated by loud sobs coming from my direction. This was repeated at the ‘Disney Dreams’ firework display that night.


One of my favourite sections of the park was the new french quarter, inspired by the film Ratatouille. It felt very fitting for a tiny section of Paris to be in Disneyland Paris, and the Remy topped fountain and archaic street lamps gave the new square a very magical touch. And then of course, as we were whisked across the rooftops of Paris in a mouse shaped cart, for the new ‘Recipe for Adventure’ ride, there were more tears.

img_4879One of the most magical parts of the trip, was undoubtedly staying at one of the Disney Hotels. Something we had been unable to do on our first visit, over ten years previously. We had to borrow industrial sized metal cutters from the night porter to open suitcase padlocks on our first night, but undeterred spent the evening catching up on the Disney Channel shows we had missed out on over the past decade.


Even though we spent half of our vacation hot and dehydrated from standing in hour long queues for five minute rides and nursing blisters due to my determination to speed walk around every corner of the parks, that all seems to fade away thanks to the Disney magic. Here’s to hoping we get to go back before another ten years goes by!

Images Courtesy of the Author.