Top 10 Travel Apps

1. Packing Pro

Best for: Easy, breezy packing for the organised (and the less so).

Price: £1.99

This award winning organisation app will make that necessary first step of travelling ten times less stressful. With its ‘My Lists’ section, you can plan out your suitcase essentials for multiple trips at once, using a plethora of categories from Clothing to Accessories, Toiletries to Gadgets. If that’s still too much to think about, the ‘Expert List’ feature allows you to enter the length of the trip, the temperature and the destination and will create a suggested packing list all by itself.

2. TripTracker

Best for: Flights and scheduling.

Price: Free

This transport app doesn’t just update you with real-time flight statuses and itinerary alerts, it will also take you right to the hotel door, by tracking taxi pick-ups and storing hotel check-in confirmations. With useful maps, contact numbers and weather updates, TripTracker is perhaps one of the most comprehensive free travel apps out there.


3. Hostelworld

Best for: Last minute, inexpensive accommodation.

Price: Free

If, unlike me, you don’t obsessively research and confirm your hotel weeks beforehand  and are used to a more relaxed process of finding accommodation, this app is an excellent choice. Just enter your location, the number in your party and how many nights you plan on staying and you’ll be given a list of options. My favourite feature is the percentage rating system, which allows you to easily scan the search results for a recommended hostel, rather than taking any chances.

4. Vocre Translate

Best for: Foreign Languages

Price: £2.99

This fast and simple translation app is unbeatable for bilingual conversation. Cleverly designed to be read from two angles, you can set the phone between you and both read the translated phrases comfortably. The best part is that Vocre allows you to hear, as well as see, the translation, its voice-recognition feature spelling out your phrases in both languages. The result? A conversation which is never interrupted by awkward typing pauses.


5. Foodspotting

Best for: Dining Out

Price: Free

Though I’ve long been a fan of the famous Urbanspoon, there’s something very fresh and unique about this app. Claiming to be ‘about dishes, not just restaurants’, Foodspotting invites you to search for whatever sounds good to you right now, dividing the results into ‘best’, ‘nearest’ and ‘latest’ dishes, as well as finding places that deliver. For those who can’t resist taking pictures of their food, it’s also a refreshing break from Instagram and the results are, as the creators put it, ‘as easy as looking in a bakery window’.

6. Triposo

Best for: Tricky internet situations!

Price: Free

It’s hard to believe that this app, and its entire content, is free. With a travel catalogue for almost every imaginable destination, all of which can be used offline, you can access detailed maps, guides to each city’s sights, restaurants and nightlife options, currency converters and useful phrases in the native language.


7. The Snow Report

Best for: Snowsports and winter adventure.

Price: Free

As a skier myself, I can’t think of a better resource for those early morning starts than this app. With first-hand reports of conditions, along with recent snowfall figures and webcam footage of the slopes, you can really make the best of your ski day. The app covers over 2,000 global ski areas, as well as offering downloadable trail maps for various locations.

8. Surfline

Best for: Surf forecasting.

Price: Free

Surfline provides both short and long-term forecasts for thousands of locations, along with live footage of 140 spots in the US. The app provides details on surf height, wind speed, tides, weather and sunrise/sunset times.


9. iMovie

Best for: Documenting

Price: £2.99

This app is especially fun if you are travelling for an extended period of time, and perhaps have several journey days which demand some form of amusement. iMovie allows you to create stories from your travel memories. Choose from various themes, soundtracks and transitions and enhance your work with slow-motion and split-screen effects. When you return home, you can use iCloud to watch your creations on any device.

 10. JetLag Genie

Best for: Jet lag management.

Price: £1.99

Whether you’re travelling for business (we’ll pretend that unpaid internships count) or pleasure, it always helps to be at your best. This app will create a customized plan which will notify you of the most advantageous times to wake up, sleep, be outside, change your watch time and take a nap. The plan also takes into account your usual wake-up/sleeping hours so it will suit you no matter how much of a night-owl or a morning…um…owl you are.


Images sourced from Pinterest.